Vampire Diaries 4×23 Graduation – Elena/Damon “I am not sorry that i’m in love with you i love you”


50 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries 4×23 Graduation – Elena/Damon “I am not sorry that i’m in love with you i love you”

  1. Delena fans come check out my Damon and Elena journey from hate to love videos on my channel! watch all Delena momments that lead up to this? epic moment :)

  2. EPIC!!!!
    About Time!!!
    Waiting For ? This Since The Series Began!!!!
    Always Been A D & E Fan Since Reading The Books, So I Absolutely Adored This!!!!!!!!

  3. What book is this? It is the continuing saga of TVD? I have not read the books and lost interest when he learned that Damon dies at the? end. Finally they are together. This is the true love story of the show.

  4. o damon pode ser oq for mais ele ama? a elena e mudo por ela amo os dois foi uma pena o stefan principalmente a carinha de triste dele mais eu so mais delena

  5. Logically I can see Stefan being the “best choice” or the “right choice”, but right doesn’t necessarily mean right for everyone and the logical choice doesn’t? always make you happy. Plus she’s said a lot of crap and then changed her mind. Who knows how it’ll end.

  6. They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other? ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other. . . . doesn’t this so describe Delena?

  7. How can Lexi be there? She´s supose to be dead… (I haven´t seen the 4th season yet, here in Belgium the? 3rd only just got out on dvd)

  8. I think it’s time to eat my words publicly. KUDOS to the writers of TVD. I never thought you would allow Damon and Elena to be end game. Although it was obvious during S1-S4 they were the love story of the triangle, they just had so many obstacles? blocking their path. Lexi was right,”when it’s real, you can’t walk away” & Damon and Elena never did, they stuck together through everything..If you guys haven’t already done so, you need to read the new VD book-The Salvation-Unseen, it’s a good read.

  9. Miss them so bad!? :(
    Sry, respect DE fans and I love Damon, but for me, Stefan’s always gonna be Elena’s epic love! <3

  10. Elena and Stefan broke up because she couldn’t ignore her feelings for Damon anymore. That was? in ep 6 and Stefan was never an option after that because she’s not in love with him anymore. So, no. She did not choose Damon because she thought she couldn’t be with Stefan, she chose Damon because she’s in love with & she’s not “that scared little girl who’s afraid to admit what she wants” anymore. Do you even watch the show? DE might not survive but their feelings are strong, he’s no second choice.

  11. Elena with Stefan always knew things would be quiet she would be in control
    Damon would be quite different.? He is unpredictable, impulsive and not always going to do what she wants and that makes you insecure.
    When she chose Stefan she picked her head when she chose Damon she decided to listen to your heart. Compared with the tranquility that would be with Stefan, Damon would choose the worst choice, but she loves Damon more than she ever loved Stefan, so now no longer could escape.

  12. I think Damon and Elena will be very short lived. Elena is supposed to move to college in Season 5 and Damon is supposed to stay in Mystic Falls with Jeremy. I don’t believe Elena would have ended up choosing Damon if she didn’t believe that Stefan was no longer a choice for her. Elena thinks she ruined things? with Stefan and doesn’t know he would have taken her back. It’s why she went with Damon.

  13. he already knew how he feels when he? went with Klaus to save Damon’s life. and then Stefan called her on her birthday just to hear her voice. oh he also felt that way when He found out that Damon slept with Elena and didn’t told him.

  14. Its because Stefan was basically her ideal and perfect boyfriend while Damon ruins things when he thinks he doesn’t deserve love when he does. and because for Season 4 Damon? wasn’t particularly the best person to have around. but somehow Elena still tells him he loves him anyway. Which isn’t a surprise because this is a love triangle.

  15. Did she say it 3? times? This is the first time I realize the 3rd “I love you” she whispers just before they kiss o: and I watched this scene a lot of times!

  16. I’m 100% Delena, but, have anyone notice that in season 4 episode 1, Elena told Stefan that choosing him was always going to be the best? choice she eve has made… And here, she say to damon “And of all the choices I’ve made, this will prove to be the worst…” (Sorry for my English)

  17. there’s different kinds of love, even romantic that people experience at different times in their lives, but people? sure know which are the important ones at the end of the day :)

  18. even? if i feel sorry for what happened to Stefan, i just can’t stop laughing when i remember stelena’s fans used to say that Elena’s love for Damon was only because of the sired bond while it’s because she already was crazy in love with him before she turned that the SB was created. She was affraid & in denial b/c Damon did bad things(she also did ) but now she’s strong enough to share that love.In fact the sired bond is the most beautiful proof of the intensity of human Elena’s love for Damon

  19. yes they are very private and I guess if they move on to different people, that would be confirming it to.At this Time, i dont believe they have broken up.I want both of them to be happy, so yes if Nina dosent make Ian happy and vice verse, then, it is good for them? to move on.

  20. what the heck… so she’s in love with Damon now!?! like 100% sire bond free?! She’s not into stefan? what? the heck!! grr

  21. I think they wont confim that cause they are not talking about their private lifes.? I think they did break up but you of corse can have yor own opinion. 😉 I just want Nina to be happy and thats it. If Ian makes her happy then they should be together if he doesnt then its good for them both to move on.

  22. I dont believe what one magazine said, that always lies,and everybody is always Quoting.There is? also a report on iBt that Nina’s rep denied the split, and there is pictures of them from penshoppe during the time, there was supposed to have broken up. Penshoppe bite in to this, Ian and Nina ,article by Tim yap.taken, when ian was between travels. They was talking about traveling together then.So i will not believe anything until confirmed by nina and Ian. I wish them all the best either way.

  23. all that person said before you attacked her comment was that there was no proof that nina and ian had broken up and that you shouldn’t buy into media rumours until an offical statement is made. that? sounds pretty intelligent to me. you’re the only one who sounds like a childish idiot on here, unless you want to retract your comment.

  24. No i cant. I do prefer Delena over Stelena but im not a hardcore fan of them and in real life i? really dont like Ian. So when someone is saying that Nian didnt break up and they are like ”woah woah thats impossible they…they have picture taken at cw upfronts.” are just childish idiots for me. Especially those one who are calling Nina a bitch cause she broke their ”future husband” heart. Come on people…

  25. there’s a difference between having problems? in a relationship and breaking up. i for one, think they probably did, but calling delena fans pathetic for not readily accepting what is currently just tabloid rumours, makes you look pathetic. so why don’t you find a nicer way to voice your unfounded opinions?

  26. Well you can believe what you want of corse but in my opinion they did break up. Its pretty obvious. They were avoiding each other at CW upfronts, they looked sad, they are posting weird things on twitter and there is no picture of them together in may 2013 or june 2013 exept from the upfronts when they were obligated to be? in the same place. Its also on wikipedia i know that it isnt a strong argument but whats on wkipedia is true in 95% of cases.

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