Vampire Diaries 4×19 – Elena tries to kill Bonnie & attacks April & Bonnie tries to kill Elena


50 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries 4×19 – Elena tries to kill Bonnie & attacks April & Bonnie tries to kill Elena

  1. Im unbiased too. I think Elena is a bitch but im not? judging her for what she did with her humanity offf BUT if someone tells me that Bonnie or Caroline or Katherine deserved something bad or they are worse than Elena then im just saying that Elena is the one who tried to kill them first. And she was a bitch always.

  2. Umm, not sure if you’re replying to my comment. But if you are, then you should read it again. Never? even mentioned Caroline. I was happy that Caroline snapped Elena’s neck when Elena tried to kill her for the second time. However, I don’t think that Elena was acting as herself. She did, if you remember, have her humanity off. Doesn’t excuse her for almost killing her friends, but it is one reason for her bitchiness. Not a Elena/Delena fan at all. I don’t really like Elena, but I’m unbiased here

  3. Caroline is a bitch cause she tried to kick Elena’s ass and? she doesnt like Damon (i know she supposed to love him, he just used her as a blood bag and wanted to kill her not a big deal) but Elena is ”lost”. She didnt want to kill Caroline right? She is just lost. When im reading bullshit like this i dont know what to think about you and other Elena/Delena fans. Are you so stupid or so blind???

  4. bitch cause she wanted to help and actually died because of being a good person and bringing your precious ”im so boring” Jeremy back. Stefan? is bad cause he lost control when he did give himself to Klaus to save your precious Damon. Rebekah is a bitch cause she killed Elena after Elena helped to kill Finn, tried to killed Klaus and stabbed Rebekah, But why Rebekah is such a bitch to her? Well maybe because Elena was a bitch to her first.

  5. When did she tried to kill her best friend? Because self defense isnt the same thing. She got what she deserved? Haha. Without her all of those idiots would be dead long time ago. Oh wait? There is no Bonnie magic on the show…Elena fans are like the most pathethic shit ever. Katherine is abitch but? Elena isnt. So what Katherine lost all of her family in 1 night? She doesnt have a right to be abitch. But Elena? Oh Elena can be a bitch she lost her family..Bonnie helps everyone? Oh no she is a

  6. Well, to be fair, Bonnie was a bitch this season, too. She also tried to kill her best friend, and she was all magic crazy thinking that she could take anyone on. Elena was all vampire crazy, too. So it’s not like Elena was? the only one out of control. Bonnie kind of got what she deserved in the end of Season 4 because she thought that she was untouchable.

  7. Silas didn’t create all supernatural beings. Where did? you get that from? He only made the immortality spell for himself; every other vampire in the show was created from the originals.

  8. I cant stand Elena! She always acted as if she wanted to save her friends like in the beginning when she made? that deal with Elijah but like Katherine said when she was hallucinating, she ends up hurting her friends. There are many times like Bonnie with her grams, her mother, Tylers friend Chris etc, its like the world has to revolve around her and she must be saved! I hated the way Damon spoke about Matt being saved before her. My favourite characters are Katherine, Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus

  9. Okay, now I understand completely when my best friend said Elena became a complete bitch later on… Sucks that my? name is Elena XD

  10. Yet did you forget that silas created all supernatural beings,? so therefore it’s his fault as well. Try to read more into it please thankyou!. 😉

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  12. At 4:05 Damon with his “Damn it Bonnie”.. If I was Bonnie he would have gotten his fair share of? head ache as well 😛

  13. The awkward moment when people actually think it’s a good idea to mess with a powerful Bennett witch who practices Expression…
    Btw, Bonnie’s dress is so pretty. I just love a girl who can try to kill her former best friend and look good while? doing it. Go Bon Bon!

  14. turning your emotions off is kinda like being drunk. you become more about what you really feel and? you say things without any regrets. so i wouldnt say so much as flipping the switch. Instead its like acting upon what you’ve really been feeling. and yeah elena is a total bitch. katherine is just misunderstood. i like elena with her “emotions off”. it helps us see how bad she really is. i love kat :)

  15. her humanity is back on. u don’t understand what that means. she didn’t mean it. if someone doesn’t mean it? they don’t deserve to die. simple as that. it doesn’t count if she tired to kill them she lost every single fucking member of her family. she just got Jeremy back which I am happy for her. give her some slack. and yes she stabbed Rebekah in the back but she felt horrible for doing it after. u people need to also stop talking about this after she get her humanity back on. I mean really.

  16. The diffrence is that Katherine admits that she isnt an angel. Elena acts like she is so good and stuff. I know she didnt do terrible things like Katherine but she? shouldnt think she is soo good. She did some bad things too. And this judging Katherine because she played Salvatores. Come on.. Elena does the same thing. She broke their hearts too. I know K killed her brother and i dont blame her for hating on K but she should understand that she is just a little better than K.

  17. Im not saying Klaus is a saint but at least? he doesnt act like one. And this whole elena lost her brother blah blah. Ok fine. She did. I pity her and i do understand whz she behaves like this RIGHT NOW. But some of Elenas fans are hating on Katherine because she is such a bitch. No one remember that she lost all of her family including her fucking child. She has every right to be a bitch. Just like Elena has right now.

  18. Talking to some Elena’s fans is like talking to wall.
    I say over and over again that i dislike Elena cause she acts like a fucking angel and then? stabs Rebekah in the back kills two or more of her brothers and then is soooo suprised that Rebekah wants revange. Like come on…And she isnt a bitch. Katherine is a bitch. Elena is bitch wanna be.

  19. that’s such an ignorant opinion.. I like Elena and it bugs me when people hate on her for such stupid things. Bonnie was such a bitch towards Elena and especially Caroline when they were vampires. Give Elena a break, her emotions were turned off and anyone would have begged for mercy ??? If you truly wish Elena is off the show I’m laughing because it wouldn’t be a show without her.. her friends would just be normal and boring, stefan would have? moved on and bonnie would be a boring witch.

  20. Are you kidding? She had her emotions turned off… Klaus did so much worse than that and he had his emotions off, half the people on tvd have done things just as bad and no one cares.. Everyone just likes to hate on Elena. They get mad when she ‘whines’ and they get mad when she’s angry and a bitch. I mean… Klaus killed Jenna and at the time he believed he killed Elena… so… you? can’t really hate on her for going on a rampage with her emotions off… :p

  21. Hey Guys, I’m sure that the Producers will show the origins of the Bennetts and Lockwoods. The show has to go at least? 5 seasons.

  22. Elena is a little manipulative bitch. Trying to kill her? best friend and then begs Bonnie for mercy. I don’t care if her “humanity is turned off”; Elena is annoying and her ass needs to GTFO.

  23. i love Elena with her emotions off but Bonnie showed her ass who is the? baddest bitch. she had Elena crying and beggin for mercy!

  24. I? totally agree . They definitely should show us the Bennett and Lockwood family history . How the werewolf curse came to be and who cursed them . But seeing as Julie Plec is obsessed with Elena and all the guys she can put in her orbit to worship her who knows if will ever get the back story of the Lockwoods and/or the Bennetts . I want to know more about Qetsiyah and they should bring on some more Bennett witches .

  25. When I say it’s said that she is as powerful or more powerful than Qetsiyah I’m speaking from lil sites I read about the show. & yeah I can concur with you on that she had some control, but I’m still convinced in my own lil world that Silas is Bonnie’s ancestor like Qetsiyah. I believe they mated which is why dark magic didn’t consume her like most other witches. She used dark magic? to help the ones she loved not hurt them so that would explain a lot as to why dark magic wasn’t harmful to her.

  26. It was never stated she was as powerful as Qetsyiah both Shane and Silas said with guidance and control she could become one of the most powerful witches of all time. yes she had some control? but she didnt have enough control. She died from all 3 yes but it was mainly the expression.

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