50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries – The Day I Tried to Live Trailer

  1. Are you fucking kidding me?! That was one of the best episodes, and now one
    of the best promos of TVD. But then I’m going to read the comments, all I
    see is *name of a couple* *whining about Elena* *TVD is so boring* FUCK!
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? Finally when TVD is getting a better season, great
    storylines, emotions, surprises and intense scenes, you guys just can’t
    shut up! I seriously don’t understand how can a “fan” only comment shit
    about the tv show, if you’re still watching it’s because you love it, if
    you love it, just watch and enjoy!
    Tell me ONE REAL bad thing about that episode, I need ARGUMENTS, not

  2. I can’t wait for Bonnie to come back dark and beat everybody’s butt. This
    girl needs a REAL out of control storyline, she has been too nice and
    sacrificing these past 6 seasons.?

  3. I can´t wait at return of Bonnie but i must prepared on death of Liz. This
    will be very sad death because Liz was one of the mine favorite character
    of this show. ?

  4. If Kai’s helping them there’s gotta be a catch.

    and I do ship #bonkai lol Jeremy bores me and his acting kinda sucks.?

  5. Oh my God… That Steroline hug… <3 <3
    And whiners quit whining especially these Klaroline and Stelena fans….
    Okay I’ve never wrote it before but today I will… You guys(and by that I
    mean SE and KC fans)are living in a dilemma.. And let me help you out of
    it… Yes there was a time when Stelena was good but they were never
    epic… Calling it epic is downsizing the word “epic”.. Coz if they were
    Elena would have never fallen for Damon and even if you think it was epic
    then fine but it’s over now as you all saw how Stefan argued with Elena for
    Caroline… He clearly cares about her more than Elena… That being
    said… Now I come to you Klaroline fans.. Yeah sure they had chemistry but
    it was nothing more than sexual attraction.. For God sakes he almost killed
    her twice and she didn’t give a shit about her friends making plans to kill
    him.. So they had sex once and it was over… So stop living in a dilemma
    and see how good Stefan and Caroline are for each other… They are always
    there for each other when it matters… They are always able to make the
    other smile when they are sad… And you can’t ignore the chemistry… So
    chop chop, time to move on…?


    So… suddenly they’re all starting to worry about how to save Bonnie?!
    After 2 or 3 episodes of her not being mentioned or seen or heard from at
    all… Now that she’s threatening to kill herself, that’s when they decide
    take action? Really?

    I really wish the writers would stop making Bonnie’s character the last
    priority, or at least try to make an effort to pretend that she is :(?

  7. Man what happened to this show?!?! Last nights episode was so boring, Elena
    was annoying and the only thing that grabbed my attention was when Liz
    “died” ?

  8. Man this season is so good, season 6 is one of my favs already. I don’t
    understand ppl who hate this season. If you honestly still hold on to
    Stelena and Klaroline pls leave the fandom thanks. Season 6 just proves how
    good TVD still is. So if you’re honestly just here for Stelena and
    Klaroline then I can tell you there’s nothing you’re still here for. Delena
    and Steroline. They’re the two ships that will come out of top and if you
    still can’t see it.. get your eyes checked. And stop blaspheme over the
    show, cause I feel like the storylines are really getting better again and
    I can’t stand delusional ppl who are here for two ships who won’t come back
    and only try to tear the show, it’s writers and the fans who actually still
    enjoy the show down just bc they can’t get what they want. You call Delena
    and Steroline fanservice, but you just beg for exactly the same.?

  9. Ok.. So it makes sense that Luke died. He didn’t get no love interest. No
    story line besides being smarter than Liv & solely existing for other
    characters. BUT… Sersiously?! There is no connection between the 2 second
    love between Tyler & Liv. Like who ships that? Also, Bon Bon has to be
    freaking DEAD & SUICIDAL for them to care for her? Like WTF? ?

  10. Guys how can Bonnie kill herself when Kai tried a lot of times and he
    couldn’t die on the other side so Bonnie can’t too.?

  11. For some reason, I keep replaying that moment in the promo where Kai is
    like “Come oooooon!!!” at 0:20 … I don’t even know why, I just love it!?

  12. I finally get a gay male character on this show, one with pretty amazing
    potential, but because the TVD writers can’t seem to write a proper
    storyline for their gay characters, they go and kill him off in order to
    write a longer storyline for his crazy serial killer older brother, Thank a
    lot VD. For the future, don’t tease that kind of diversity if you’re not
    going to commit!?

  13. Ahhhh NOOO ! PLEASSSSE !!! You have to stop her, you have to save her ! I
    can´t see my BonBon cry AGAIN !!! =´( =´(
    She make me cry too!! =(?

  14. My baby BONNIE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss her so much, I started to
    think that julie hated bon-bon… but this trailer is one of the best of
    this season!! haha. and the last episode was hgkhsdfjfisfn AMAZING. and kai
    <3.. I even appreciate elena, it’s weird.. The real TVD is officially back!
    Thursday come fast! ?

  15. So, now Elena is taking a break from swooning over Damon to remember she
    has a missing friend? They have to find a video of her planning to kill
    herself in order to thrust them into rescue mission number two? I am not
    complaining about the show itself. I love it and I think her absence was
    necessary as a plot device, but they could have at least mentioned her over
    the past few episodes. They could have referenced continued attempts to
    save her that failed. They may do that in this episode. I still like this
    season better than last. I think Kai is such a good villain. I think he
    needs to seduce Bonnie to the Dark Side. (A hot, charming bad guy is always
    welcome) She deserves to be a naughty girl for a while.
    I also worry that Caroline will shut off her humanity if her mom dies. A
    control freak with no humanity would be scary. ?

  16. “what is happening” yup exactly lol xD.. How the hell did Bonnie contact
    Elena? But yay! finally! they’re saving Bonnie!?

  17. I have something to ask : WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO THE SERIES?!
    I mean, it lost everything. The fire, the fear I used to get when Katherine
    first got into the show. When Klaus was showing up. I really used to love
    TvD, but I don’t know what the f*** is going on anymore.
    There are things that I actually can’t believe. Stupid things like:
    Vampires sleep?! Vampires get hungry?! Vampires eat?!
    They’ve became humans
    Right now I’m watching 6×12 and I had to pause.. Because Elena just said ”
    Life’s too short ”
    You’re a freaking vampire!
    And oh, yeah : Delena.?

  18. Im really starting to get sick of those people complaining, they watched
    the show, the still do, and yet they complain. Lets just cut the crap, we
    all know that what I’m saying will probably do nothing, the more people
    tell you to stop you keep doing it. You love TVD that’s why you keep
    watching it, if you really hate TVD then just fuck off and get over
    yourself, and stop watching, cause I am fucking sick of you people.?

  19. I actually liked the episode.the only thing i didn’t understand is are
    Caroline and elena still best friends?? ‘Cause i don’t see her be at
    Caroline side and be there for her… even though Caroline was there for
    elena everytime she needed her. Kinda disappointed… ?

  20. Oh, good grief, people. While I had cast my vote for “Delena” back when
    Damon said, “Hello, Brother” in season one (been liking bad vampire boys
    since “Lost Boys” 1988), I honestly don’t care either way because, oh
    right, it’s a TV show! Now, for those of you that flunked English Lit, or
    maybe EL flunked you, let me teach you a literary term called
    “foreshadowing”. Also, put on your critical thinking hats…if they even
    teach that anymore.

    In S6E11 “Woke Up with a Monster”, something VERY important happened in
    that episode. Likely a lot of viewers missed it or didn’t see it as
    relevant. Remember when Elena’s daylight ring melted? If there were any
    HUGE clues as to what Plec is thinking, that would be it. Stefan gave
    Elena that ring the moment she woke up a vampire. It’s now gone. She has
    a new one and DAMON was the first to say anything about it. If you guys
    don’t think that tiny little detail isn’t the most telling of anything
    Plec’s thrown our way, then…good gods of vampirism, I am scared witless
    about the day I go into a nursing home and have to depend on YOU KIDS to
    administer my meds and change my diapers.

    Plec, with a tiny ring, just told the entire TVD fandom that Stelena is
    *over*. The train’s moving on, folks. And, guess what? It SHOULD because
    that’s how life is. Change is inevitable, so quit yer bitchin’ over who’s
    with who. It’s fiction. Let it go and just enjoy the ride.?

  21. Guys who do you think it is that’s kinda like…getting thrown out of the
    fire? at 0:20 – 0.23
    It looks like Caroline or Elena…?

  22. To all those saying last episode was great, what shit are you smoking,
    cause it’s fucking powerful. Just rewatch the damn thing, whomever directed
    it sucks, i felt like he was trying to mimic some lame ass horror movie, i
    felt nauseated for most of it, and so much content was just rushed and
    badly delivered, BRING BACK THE GOOD TVD EPISODES !!!?

  23. They’ve got some explaining to do. How does Bonnie get a message out
    without magic and why would they be worried of her killing herself in the
    prison world? Unless that dimension exclusively and specifically makes Kai
    immortal, unless Bonnie would just come back to life.?

  24. Thank god finally Bon Bon’s back. It’s been a week since I haven’t seen
    last week episode and I haven’t seen tonight’s episode as well. Bonnie is
    going to be badass. And I just hope that Damon will be the one who will
    rescue her or Kai. And please don’t let Bonnie die again and again, it’s so
    hard for me just to know that she’s going to die yet again. ?

  25. Am i missing something? How do Damon and Elena see the videomessage from
    Bonnie? Bonnie doesnt have any magic to send the video to them. Im so

  26. It’s absolutely sad that it’s gotten to the point where Bonnie is
    attempting suicide that her friends are finally remembering her.?

  27. How can Boonie kill her self? Doesn’t she just wake back up again, like in
    the past episodes? Isn’t that why it’s the “special” place. ?

  28. Wait so now she can kill herself in the other world because so far it was
    impossible to die over there right?
    Kai told so when he was there so i am a little confused…?

  29. Kai getting out of his cool zone. Thats something we dont get to see quite
    often. I am excited. Does he have thing for boniee , boniee will be first
    person he felt something on the show. But I want to see something between
    kai n elena. They look hot together. ?

  30. Everyone’s complaining so much. I love this show. S6 finally has a great
    plot again. What do you want?

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