The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 Extended Promo [6×21 Promo]

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 Extended Promo The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 Promo The Vampire Diaries 6×21 Extended Promo “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime” …

35 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 Extended Promo [6×21 Promo]

  1. If one more person complains about Damon getting older like Katherine I’m
    going to scream! She did not age in till Silas took the cure from her!!
    What will happen is the heretics will escape and almost kill Elena Damon
    won’t take cure because he needs to stay and help stop them. But he will
    make Elena go because she is in danger. Cliff hanger left for next season
    if they can stop them. And if word gets out any vamp who wants to be human
    just has to suck Elena dry ?

  2. How are people actually criticising Stefan? He knows Damon doesn’t want to
    do it AND he’ll lose his brother! That’s not selfish, that’s rational
    thinking!!!!! I know if my brother or sister wanted to do this, I bloody
    well wouldn’t support it. Damon ought to move onto Bonnie already.?

  3. I so excited for next week, I can’t wait!! I want a Delena happy ending,
    but I don’t know how I feel about Damon being a human.. Of course it would
    be so cute, but I feel sorry for Stefan for losing his brother :( But
    Delena need to be together!?

  4. Why must he be miserable? Why must he be unhappy? Why is he not good
    enough? Why is he not deserving? Why, why, why? Why can’t Damon be happy??

  5. I seriously think that Damon is going to compel Elena to move away from
    Mystic Falls and live the life she always wanted, before him.

    That is how Elena is going to make her exit off the show. Either that or
    they will just kill her off, but I seriously think Damon’s tough decision
    will be him having to compel her to leave Mystic Falls. I don’t know how
    her relationship with Caroline and Bonnie will be affected , but my guess
    is they will understand and make the sacrifice.?

  6. i think delena wont have a happy ending its pretty clear, nina left the
    show guys wht do we expect, finally caroline, when will she finally leave
    town and go to see klaus and all that, we need this !!!!the fans need
    this!!!!! they have to give us something because of nina leaving the show,
    am i right or what?!!!!?

  7. I think what were seeing is what Stefan wants Damon to see. Stefan is in
    his head telling him negative things about human life. I think Damon didn’t
    take the cure. He will let Elena move and he will still be a Vampire!
    Excited for next ep.?

  8. I think that no matter the obstacles life throw their way, Damon and Elena
    will make it through and be happy, bc they have each other. And if Stefan
    is really so scared of loosing Damon, why doesn’t he or Enzo tag along for
    protection until human DE die and they can continue their vamp lives??

  9. so since elena is leaving shes gonna die on the show, so on to another
    topic, what the hell is plec trying to do here, seriously she gave us boman
    fans a beautiful reunion, with the whole bonnie jumping on damon and them
    hugging like they miss each others presence only for her to brush that
    aside and move on with steroline and delena, like seriously she said in one
    of her interview that their suppose to be closer than before because of
    their time in the afterlife, but i don’t see that shit. what’s even messed
    up is bonkai, like he stabbed her countless times and now you’re trying to
    make them happen, did people forget that if it wasn’t for luke emotions kai
    would never even thought about apologizing to bonnie, and please someone
    don’t even bring the whole she changed him when we clearly know she
    despises him. lastly, season 7 better be about damon mom and her vampire
    witchy friends because i need some action, not the makeout session delena
    did throughout the show, but real fighting action, i need a badass bonnie,
    by the end of season 7 i want bonnie to be a vamp/witch, that would be a
    badass XD,?

  10. Stefan will not allow Damon to take the cure simply because there is no
    point of Damon being human when Elena (Nina) is leaving the show. He is not
    being selfish, he just needs to do that so Damon stays as a vampire and not
    become human and useless like Matt’s character, UNLESS he is taking the
    cure too coz Damon (Ian) might be leaving the show as well which they just
    haven’t announced yet coz he (Ian) is married now and just wants to focus
    on building a family in real life. LOL

    PS. I have watched every single episode of this show since September 10,
    2009 and the show will never ever be the same without Elena (Nina Dobrev).?

  11. The show’s not gonna b the same without Elena (nina)….I hope she comes
    back for the series finale?

  12. Ugh I think Nina shouldn’t leave the show because I want Katherine back:”(
    I mean Elena can leave town or die whatever just not Katherine!!:(?

  13. Guys, remember what happend to Katerine when she took (unwillingly) the
    cure? she began to age very quickly and finaly died in like 1-2
    months….so wtf is damon thinking about taking the cure? i understand that
    elena is only a baby vamp so she wont age quickly but damon is like 200
    years old right?…. am i missing something or no one has realised this so

  14. elena has just annoyed me to hell taking this cure for god sake !!!! she
    could of had him forever but instead…this! and Nina leaving the show, how
    is this ever going to carry??

  15. The only original characters that are left are Bonnie, Damon, Matt, Stefan,
    Caroline, and Elena. And once Nina leaves the show, now you’ve only got 5
    of the original characters. The rest are either all dead or off doing
    something else in another ‘town’….. It’s sad, I really like this show,
    but now its coming to an end. And its slowing down.?

  16. I’m sure Elena will realize their relationship will not work if hes a
    vampire, she almost got killed like a minute after taking the cure. Sure
    she’ll either leave or die. Damon shouldn’t take the cure because his
    brothers right, soon as word got out then Damon would have to leave too and
    he wouldn’t be able to protect Elena.?

  17. And what I said before was to answer people talking about endgame but now
    talking about the cure…everyone has THERE OWN opinion but mine is that
    Damon will age FAST because if you go back to 5×01 you will see Katherine
    has grey, messed up hair, chipped nails .ect. BUT when Silas drank from
    her, she aged Evan FASTER! So, to sum it all up, it will happen SLOWER to
    Damon because he is younger but he will end up like Katherine still, I know
    we all love Damon but face the facts, re watch season 5 if you have to
    because I have…multiple times and I got the same results! So don’t argue
    with me unless you have multiple times! And if you got back to when
    Katherine goes to Wes, he says that Katherine has time catching up!!! So
    BOOM BITCHES! Well the ones who would disagree! But everyone is entitled to
    their OWN OPINION! That’s why it’s called opinion because you might think
    something els!?

  18. this season started from the bottom now its gettinggg soooo goood after
    episode 12 its getting better and better?

  19. If he does take the cure, the ‘future visions’ are probably going to turn
    out real and him and Elena are going to have marriage problems.?

  20. I can’t believe i’m saying this but if Nina leavs the show i don’t want any
    season 7. Tvd is fucking life but i really don’t know how they’re gonna do
    this. I am pretty sure Damon will not take the cure. So the only ending of
    this season that i can imagine, is that Damon compelles Elena to “go, get
    the life you always wanted”. But i’m sure that they won’t end the show with
    Damon being single so i guess that means that he will have a new love
    interest in season 7. Which would be super crappy. But i maybe i’m wrong
    and Julie will come up with something amazing. I’m just an anxious Delena
    addict. ?

  21. I remember when Stefan said to Rebekah that he’d take the cure if he could
    grow old with Elena. I think he was honest. Damon didn’t want when she
    asked him the first time about it. This is so sick. We should have Stelena.
    End of story.?

  22. Bye bye Elena.. Glad to see her go..! Now on with the show. Stefan and
    Caroline and more importantly Damon and Bonnie!… hopefully we will get to
    see Damon and Bonnie together…. with just a dash of Kai on the side .. I
    really hope the show will continue for at least two more seasons..?

  23. It’s completely unfair of Stefan to try and stop Damon becoming human. When
    Stefan wanted the cure is season 4, Damon didn’t stop him because he knew
    how much happier he would be but somehow, Stefan can’t do the same for
    Damon. Everyone says Damon is the selfish brother, but clearly Stefan isn’t
    selfless enough to let Damon live with the love of his life as a human.?

  24. I am a HUGE Stelena fan and I will always be one but Stelena people, face
    the facts, they won’t happen! Every season has an endgame, Stelena was
    season 1, 2 and 3 but delena was 4 and 5 so I think that Delena will be
    endgame because of everything going on! But for season 5, Statherine was
    also endgame because they had sex a couple of times!?

  25. I think it’s extremely selfish of Stefan to try to talk him out of taking
    the cure. Yes, it would take some getting used to , but he would have Elena
    to help him through it. I don’t know why would anyone want him to stay a
    vampire, when all of them wished they could be human, at least once through
    the course of the show…?

  26. Maybe Elena goes with Jo and Alaric? And at the end of TVD Damon joins
    her/them when all the fighting is over? Keeps most of the fans happy I
    think :)

    I think eventually everyone takes the cure.. There are 2 cures, one from
    the prison world Bonnie and Damon were stuck in and one from the 1903
    prison world Lily was stuck in. One for Damon and Elena, one for Caroline
    and Stefan. Everyone’s human, the end ;)?

  27. They are the endgame Stefan is just jealous they will leave mystic falls
    and nina dobrev and Ian somerhalder please get back together . Ian please
    divorce,that bitch Nikki reed she is a slut?

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