The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14 Promo [6×14 Promo] Extended

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48 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14 Promo [6×14 Promo] Extended

  1. It’s no coincidence that the best episodes this season have been one’s that
    have a good portion of Bonnie scenes, while the worst have all been
    episodes that don’t feature her at all. Plec&Dries need to wake up and
    stop treating Bonnie’s character like shit, when in reality she’s one of
    the few endearing aspects the show has left after six seasons. Plec said
    Bonnie would be back in Mystic Falls this season I swear she better be back
    soon, if they wait until like an episode before the season finale to bring
    her back, fans will definitely want heads on spikes lol! Btw, I love that
    Stefan is taking care of Caroline, but damn overall they’ve made him so
    boring this season. I kind of want Enzo to mess with Sarah just to see
    Stefan get pissed and actually do something exciting this season.?

  2. Can we please get rid of Enzo?! He has served his purpose, but his new
    obsession with Stefan needs to stop. It is fucking creepy. Does he have
    nothing better to do with the life that they GAVE him back??

  3. episode 13 was suppose to be about bonnie but we only got to see her a
    little bit, and the next episode shes not there either just another romance
    shipping again. like seriously how long will they make bonnie wait. ALso
    she better come back as a badass that don’t give a shit. screw them,i want
    her to be selfish and let them solve their own problems without her.I’m
    glad jeremy is leaving he’s irrelevant, lastly how long will elena and
    damon keep acting like they never got together when throughout the series
    they’ve been making out and touching each other none stop. I was really
    hoping stephan found a new girl to date but of course it had to be in the
    circle, this must be a trend to get others sloppy seconds, like wtf.?

  4. Last night’s episode was the final straw. The delena storyline is driving
    the show down hill. I mean come on they’re doing the same shit for 3 years.?

  5. What was that Jer?? 0:19 ?? ‘But first i wanna save Bonnie’ ?? Prolly not

    I read the description of episode 13 and i was like.. bonnie is not gonna
    be given justice still so i guess i decided to just watch her and Sarah
    Salvatore (semi) and skip the hell outta whatever the heck was going on..
    And I guess this episode i will do the same 😀 I always thought this would
    remain the one serie where im not watching it because of one specific
    character or small storyline.. but it just turned into exactly tht :))

    Mark my words guys.. Season finale is when Bonnie comes back
    ya anything for it !?

  6. I don’t know why but Damon/Stefan/Elena literally are so irrelevant this
    season. Like seriously, they serve no purpose. All Damon and Elena ever do
    is act like they are soooo fucking in love, and Elena just keeps on saying
    her stupid ass quotes she most likely got off google. Stefan, I swear if he
    died, I don’t think anything would change. They made his character into a
    little bitch this season. I love Caroline and Stefan as friends and now for
    some reason, the writers are trying to make them love interests. Wtf, do
    they not have any more interesting storylines for the MAIN characters
    anymore? Kai is the only thing I like this season tbh and all the #bamon

  7. I was gonna watch vampire diaries episode 13 but second thought, i might
    not watch it. Hearing that it have only little scenes of Bonnie, that
    disappointing :( If this episode is all about Damon and Elena again, i
    might skip the whole episode, i don’t mind Stephan and Caroline scenes and
    all others characters are in the show ?

  8. I know this is not particularly important for the show but why was Alaric
    missing for a whole episode? You’d think he’d stay to protect his
    girlfriend he apparently ‘loves’. I mean, she almost died and he will
    probably just return like: ‘hey I’m back what did I miss?’ ?

  9. How did the season start off strong and turn into shit? Bonnie’s been
    dragged the most of all the characters and she can’t be with her boyfriend
    before he leaves for school? Like what kind of fuckkery? Honestly, I am
    just watching because I am in too deep. But I don’t keep up with it weekly
    like I used to. It just needs to end. You can tell that the writers invest
    a lot more energy into The Originals than they do The Vampire Diaries.?

  10. I’m waiting for Steroline to finally happen! Elena is no match for Stefan
    anymore….I don’t even feel her relationship with Damon…And even if i
    was Stelena, I used to feel that spark with her and Damon, but not anymore.?

  11. Towards the end Jeremy mouths, “I think i’m going to stay.” So he’s not
    leaving really. And the episode is called ‘Stay’ so it makes sense.?

  12. What a weak promo. I am officially growing tired of Vampire Diaries. The
    Originals is really giving Vampire Diaries a run for its money.?

  13. Come on! This show needs Kevin Williamson back!
    I’m sick for waiting for yet another episode just to find it to be not as
    awesome as it supposed to be!?

  14. Call me crazy but didn’t this “You deserve a normal life”, sending Jeremy
    away thing happen like 3 seasons ago??

  15. WTF? how many times are you gonna kick out the actors I love? I don’t care
    right now about delena, steroline or anything. I just want Bonnie back. She
    deserves to be back.?

  16. If you all think she show has become so horrible and dragged out
    ……maybe you could shutup and stop watching it instead of whingeing all
    the time. I am still enjoying it!!!?

  17. Stephan and Caroline are great together as a couple.. What pisses me off is
    ONNNNNNNN!!!!! ?

  18. so what im asking.. is it posiible to be a loop and bonnie will be able to
    rezurect silas from the island where she is going to suck the magic from
    tesa’s blood??

  19. what does caroline say at 0:06 ? “i dont think that ill be able to get
    through this”..and then wut? i dont get what shes saying :l?

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