The Vampire Diaries – Rehash: The Downward Spiral

Arielle Kebbel recaps a bunch of bad ideas and wrong decisions in the latest episode of TVD on this week’s Rehash! Like this video? Check out the TVD REHASH series: …

47 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries – Rehash: The Downward Spiral

  1. From being a fan since 2009 and still watching the show now, I have to say
    that the storylines are getting quite crappy in comparison to those of
    season 1-4. It all went downhill after Silas in my opinion. Needless to say
    there have been some good single episodes but as a whole the recent seasons
    have been a bit nonsensical and all over the place. ?

  2. Caroline is the new Katherine!!! Caroline (& I quote) “took a page out of
    Katherine Pierce playbook!!”
    Uh-oh ???? Where Klaus when we need him?!? Klaus get back 2 Mystic Falls

    Stefan turns it off?!??!

    Where’s Lexi when we need her!!!!????!!! ?

  3. To me it was senseless that Stefan turned off his humanity. There was no
    point in doing it. Caroline threatened Sarah yeah but Elena almost found
    Liam and after Stefan turned off his humanity Caroline didnt even tell Liam
    to back off from Sarah. And then Elena found them anyway.. idk man to me
    that was not written that good. They just wanted him to turn it off, but
    they could have written that better ..?

  4. Arielle Kebbel recaps a bunch of bad ideas and wrong decisions in the
    latest episode of TVD on this week’s Rehash! ?

  5. I knew it! I knew that was the hair style from Britney spears! And I love
    Btw.. Can you guys let Ian Somerhalder direct the rest of the season? He
    nailed! I love that episode
    And Bonkai-Bamon moments were the best part!!! ?

  6. I love the cheerful way Arielle said “Damon decides to dig up his mother!”
    She’s hilarious. Why can’t she be back on the show…?

  7. don’t bash me. Paul Wesley may be good in acting in tvd, but I personally
    think ian did a better job in directing than paul wesley. I don’t like the
    notion of turning off humanity but last episode is great and on point on so
    many aspects. As I am saying this my judgement was not biased to any of
    them both because I’m completely neutral for both. I’m neither Paul
    Wesley’s fan or Ian Somerhalder’s fan. I’m just a fan of the Salvatore

    I probably might be the only one who think this cause so many people who
    are watching tvd is a fan of Paul Wesley.
    And also don’t get me wrong, Caroline maybe good in event planning and
    such, but whenever it comes to big decisions, her plan always backfire. ie:
    I think somewhere around previous when she wants to get the cure or
    something because of Tyler and it doesn’t turns out well, giving her mother
    vampire’s blood, and then now, switching off her humanity and Stefan’s
    humanity. This kind of plans always get back at her real hard.?

  8. Arielle is so beautiful in tonight’s Rehash. She’s always beautiful, but
    tonight especially <3?

  9. Good job Ian! Although, I don’t agree with the first tweet. Didn’t really
    like Caroline’s hairstyle that much. And, yeah, Rippah does run in the
    famiy. Yay! … Finally, Stefan turned his emotions off again!?

  10. yay for ian!!!!! i had no idea he directed the ep lol. loving and cringing
    throughout the episode, it was awesome and frustrating!!!! Ian definitely
    knows how to direct us lol!!!! <333?

  11. im sorry but this show already sucks it like has no story ripper lily their
    mom is a ripper, thats it lousy story just stop this show has gotta end now
    p.s im just pissed that bonnie and jeremy broke up off screen apparently
    fucking writers?

  12. #Konnie anyone!!! I’m rooting for Bonnie and Kai. I know I sound crazy
    because all of the anguish Kai put Bonnie through, but I think he may have
    some redeeming qualities. He may be able to win Bonnie over. I just really
    hope he doesn’t screw Bonnie over (I’m confident if he tries, she will kill
    him) This wouldn’t be the first time lovers on TVD have had a volatile
    relationship. Just look at Elena and Damon’s past. Now with Jeremy gone,
    Bonnie will need someone to cozy up with. I’m not justifying what Kai did
    was right, I just think there might be more behind his story that lead him
    to snap. What I don’t understand with Kai is if he had a huge crush on
    Bonnie he was trapped in a world where he and Bonnie would never get old,
    never die, and he had her all to himself. He could have tried to start a
    romantic relationship with her, rather than acting like a selfish prick and
    tormenting her because he’s trying to get vengeance against his family.?

  13. Arielle Kebbel recaps a bunch of bad ideas and wrong decisions in the
    latest episode of TVD on this week’s Rehash! ?

  14. i think stefan is faking the whole humanity off thingy so to bring caroline
    back!! if u know what i mean… dont u think ? :D?

  15. Again I made it sure that this show sucks more than Twilight! Thanks, Julie
    Plec! It was pleasure to watch TVD until the last 2 seasons..?

  16. I gotta say, Ian directing was just awesome, the incredible shots, the
    final one with Stefan and Caroline was just perfect, everything actually, I
    loved it.?

  17. #1 Bonnies character FINALLY gets slightly interesting. Good job CW, it
    only took nearly 6 full seasons.

    #2 Stefan so didn’t turn off his humanity. He is clearly faking it.

    #3 Still not on board with “Steroline” at all.?

  18. but caroline is not a rippah she is a perfectionist
    Stefan and his mama are rippah with and without humanity?

  19. Kai and elena ????. Bonnie is a badass and is mad at poor damon , stefan the
    killing machine and Caroline the cute psycho???? it ganna get interesting.
    And mommy salvatore is the new villain.???? yeah?

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