The Vampire Diaries – I Alone Trailer

The gang is on a mission to bring Bonnie back. TVD returns with all new episodes Thursday, Dec. 4 at 8/7c! Like this video? Check out the TVD REHASH series: …

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries – I Alone Trailer

  1. Jeremy’s hair. -> Hairporn! Jeremy -> porn. TVD, if it wasn’t for Bonnie’s
    plot, I would’ve already stop. And hell sh-t. When I found out Liv & Luke
    are Joe’s siblings, too and that Gemini coven is friends with Bennett coven
    and Joe knew Sheila. I like was “Ok, they trying to copy Once Upon a Time.
    Everybody related to everyone.” Or when Stefan hit the bear, I was like
    “STEFAN DON’T U TOUCH BONNIE’S MAGIC!” Or when Kai stabbed Bonnie in the
    tummy: “FUCK U KAI”. At the end: “Really? Again? Again we have to wait a
    fucking week to see if Bonnie will make it out.” Ugh, already want witchy
    Bonnie back. And Live & Tyler reminds me of Esther & Ansel. Like witch +

  2. Seriously Damon&Elena again? And nothing about Stefan and Caroline? This
    whole Delena thing is getting old, the writers just need to step up their
    game and do something! It seems like the show is about Delena and nothing
    else. ?

  3. Seriously can’t they just keep Damon and Elena separate for a couple of
    episode I mean geeze they need to learn to exist without each other their
    love is too unrealistic?

  4. Last night’s ep was the best ep, Elena finally dumped Liam and now wants to
    see what Bonnie says about him. But I wonder if it will be that easy again.

    Who agrees that this was a great ep and what part did you like?

    DE FOREVER!!!! ?

  5. Here’s a theory, Kai can absorb magic right? What would happen if he walked
    into Mystic Falls? Would he Absorb the magic for the barrier? And if so how
    powerful would he become, if it was possible??

  6. I’m so glad “Steroline” won’t happen and Stefan ONLY sees Caroline as a
    friend just like he said. These annoying fan boys and girls are getting
    ridiculous now. Shipping anyone with anyone just because they had a
    “moment”. Stefan is to Caroline what Lexi was to Stefan and that’s all it
    should be. Don’t ruin their friendship by making them date. It’ll be so
    awkward. He’s her best friend’s ex AND she’s slept with his brother. And no
    just because Elena was with Stefan before and now Damon doesn’t mean it’s
    ok. Enough with the dumb shipping fan services and bring back KATHERINE,
    the action, mythology and suspense. Don’t ruin this show more than you
    already have. ?

  7. I hated the part when Elena asked Damon to help HER get her best friend
    back. B*tch what do you think Damon has been doing while you were trying to
    have a Thanksgiving meal? No, you are helping HIM, get Bonnie back. When
    she said she needed Bonnie to help her decide, I was like, please don’t
    drag Bonnie into you Delena drama, let Bonnie rest, she has been used by
    her friends enough already. I’m just so frustrated with Elena and her need
    to turn everything about her and her inability to make life choices.?

  8. This show kinda seems to advocate the whole “Girls and boys can’t be just
    friends” concept that we all lived under when we were like.. uhm.. 12 years
    old or something -.-?

  9. I think the problem The Vampire Diaires is having right now is that the
    characters are not growing. The show came out six years ago and the day one
    fans were about 15/16 when we started watching it. So of course the “i love
    you but i dont love you” stigma was acceptive. Its six years later and we
    are now 21 in college just ike the characters but yet it seem like all the
    characters are worried about is who they love and who they dont love.
    Acting ike 15/16 year olds. Everyone that’s a Delena fan are all around the
    age of 16. There are some who are 20/21 but they are growing tired of
    Delena simply because of the back and forth. Its just not interesting like
    it was SIX YEARS AGO!. The characters should be worrying about surviving
    another day. They future. They career. They are GROWN ASS MAN AND WOMEN
    NOW. They not 16 anymore, so to sit here and watch the back and forth crap
    is turning me off. THAT”S why many people are not here for Delena. The
    reationship seems childish and they acting like they still in high school.
    By the characters being in college now, they relatonships should come off
    as natural and time consuming. Take time to date someone, feel them out.
    EVERYONE likes Bonnie storyline this season because she isnt worried about
    Jeremy and they reationship, she worried about Surviving and staying alive
    and finding a way to get back home to start her life again. THAT is a 21
    year old. Someone who is looking for an future to live for. NOT worrying
    about being in love.?

  10. If they even *think* of making Bamon anything romantic, I am marching up to
    JP’s house and killing her brutally. Let’s see who she can bring back. Just
    stop making friends into relationships. I hope Stefan still only sees
    Caroline as a best friend and she gets over him asap. Cannot wait for
    Bonnie (the one with the most sense between all of them) to be back. ?

  11. QUESTION so since Damon is a vampire and he needs to feed and there was
    noone with him except for Bonnie, does that mean he fed on Bonnie? #FEELS ?

  12. I’m so excited. This season is far better than the last one in my opionon.
    The last season wasnt bad at all, but The Vampire Diaries used to be my
    favorite show and I think it’s getting to be it once more. I am such an
    Delena fan – but it’s great that Elena lost her memories and that they are
    apart. Now we got to see her fall in love with him once again. Why is it
    that the chase for a couple is more exciting and emotional than seeing them
    being happy together? Love it. I also love the Bamon friendship – cant wait
    too see their reunion. I bet it’s going to be great. I’m also very
    interested in the Steorline. I think they would be great together. I had
    always had a trouble with Stefan as a character but I really like him with
    Caroline, both friendship and possible couple. :) ?

  13. Delena relationship is ruining the show, Episode 6 or 7 was promoted to be
    just about Delena and yet that episode had the season’s lowest rating
    views. I can honestly say i didnt watch that episode. I DVR it and
    fast-forward any scenes with them alone in it. I’m sorry but im not here
    for Elena and Damon. Enzo and Bonnie are the othing strings left thats
    keeping me watching. Once either of them leave, I’d be happy to stop
    watching this show.?

  14. Am I the only one who thinks that Bonnie has the magic of the knife? When
    Kai stabbed her she took the magic. It could be possible, right??

  15. Eena: “I’m sorry for compelling away the memories, they were only half
    Damon: “We’ll make new ones.”

  16. You know what, Damon should just stop trying. Get the memo! Obviously the
    girl is confused, obviously the girl has no memories and thinks of him as a
    giant monster who kills people. Which news flash he is, so what if he
    thought he’d love Elena forever? Clearly that’s not going to happen! So he
    should suck it up, leave Mystic Falls, and get on with his freaking life!
    As for this CRAP with Stefan & Elena, shocker it didn’t work. Oh wait,
    that’s right the reason it didn’t work is because Stefan – being the ass
    hole that he is – couldn’t accept little old Elena for who she is. And then
    she fell in love with Damon *cue love triangle*, and then Stefan decided it
    would be a good idea to fly solo for a while. My opinion: Damon + Stefan
    should ditch that whiny good-for-nothing Elena, and move on. Stefan +
    Caroline = amazing BUT Stefan + Caroline = confused feelings. Damon +
    nobody = sad Aww, wait Damon’s never loved anyone other then a
    DOPPELGANGER! He should suck it up, and look for someone who isn’t a
    doppelganger. *rant over*?

  17. I don’t understand, when the Travellers were killed the magic should have
    died with them. That’s been the logic for all other seasons, except for
    this one!?

  18. DAMN! I can’t wait 2 freaking weeks for this awesomeness! So much epicness
    this season <3 And I love the cute, innocent side of Delena soo much 😀 S3
    all over again! <3?

  19. Everyone here is talking about what happened and what’s going to happen
    while I’m just here feeling salty that we have to wait an extra week xD.?

  20. Why don’t Liv and Luke just store/give all their magic to Jo? Neither of
    them have to die, Jo becomes head of the Gemini coven, being an
    all-powerful witch she can help get Elena’s memories back and lift the anti
    magic barrier on Mystic Falls.

    And Stefan and Caroline need to remain friends. Like wise with Bonnie and
    Damon. Men and women can be friends without have romantic feelings towards
    one another. And considering Damon spent four months in ’94 thinking about
    Elena, I doubt he developed any feelings towards Bonnie.?

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