The Vampire Diaries : Auditions,Behind the Scenes and Bloopers! All-in-ONE!

Your favorite “TVD” bloopers,behind the scenes and auditions in ONE video! *IMPORTANT*: I DO NOT own any of these videos and have no rights whatsoever. This …

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries : Auditions,Behind the Scenes and Bloopers! All-in-ONE!

  1. “HE IS OUR GUY”well he certainly is.
    And the fact that they choose Paul to actually “fit” with Nina is ahshdj.
    Like dobsley SLAYS. They are like real doppelgangers, they’re meant to be.
    And the fact that I didn’t mind seeing Stefan w/ katherine in s5 is bc of
    these 2 actors. I loved Steferine, kilas(Kath&silas) , Samara(silas and
    amara) AND OFC STELENA.?

  2. It is ever so relevant now and an easter egg in that line that Elena said
    in the pilot. I know, we have history together”. ?

  3. If they had casted them for their looks, don’t you think they’d switch
    Candice and Nina? If you had read the books, Elena is blonde with blue eyes
    and Caroline is tan with dark hair and eyes. So they obviously did not cast
    just for looks.?

  4. Thank you for not minding about the big names…. Because of that you have
    given us the best actors & actresses that could have ever played TVD casts
    role.. I love it!
    and lol to Ian.. He just auditioned w/out even knowing.. lol.. just love
    this guy! and BTW Elena (book) blonde is so not my style.. lol When I read
    the book I was picturing her out as a red head or auburn.. just something
    dark to highlight her hard edge personality… just my opinion.. lol
    (though i din’t actually read thoroughly – the 2nd and last book….) ?

  5. Ashley Tisdale was offerd the role for caroline thank god she refused
    (crying now maybe) Candice Accola is so much better?

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