The Vampire Diaries 6×21 Promo – I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 Promo/Preview “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime” “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime” Official Description: ALARIC AND JO’S BIG DAY…

40 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×21 Promo – I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

  1. I tried my hardest not to cry but I did. I keep telling myself not to watch
    but I can’t seem to fight it. Looks like I’m finishing out the season. I
    will not be watching next season without Elena, Tyler, and Jeremy though
    and especially not without a chance of either Delena or Stelena. I have a
    horrible feeling that this is really the end of my favorite show. After the
    finale Julie Plec will reveal if Nina will guest star next season and if
    she isn’t I can’t watch. I’m just going to pretend TVD ended with Delena,
    Stelena, or both living happily ever after because the alternative is just
    too damn sad.?

  2. This week episode was actually good. Stefan and Damon’s mom is crazy, how
    could you not love them? I get that they bring up a version of her that she
    doesn’t like but they’re her children.

    Even though it was for a short while, I was so glad when Kai appeared! I
    was dancing all over my living room and my mom was looking at me crazy! I
    love that he’s going to be back, and hopefully he doesn’t just have a small
    part in the next episode.

    I can’t wait for the next episode, I literally want to fast forward to next
    Thursday. I know that Nina is leaving so that means they’re going to have
    to find a way to get Elena out but there’s no word on Damon leaving so I
    think he’s going to stay a vampire.

    Matt is becoming annoying, he cannot just all of a sudden hate vampires so
    much that he can’t stand them. I get that Caroline and Stefan tried to kill
    him but a lot of time vampires have killed him, why does he have to go on
    vampire hating mode now?

    And did he forget about Bonnie? Bonnie is not a murderer but it seems like
    now that Kai and the heretics are getting out, she might have to lay down
    the law. But hopefully my BonKai does happen! This is just making me more
    amped up for the seventh season because I have a feeling for that season
    it’s going to be about the heretics and I can’t wait. Now that Delena isn’t
    going to take up most of the storyline, things should be better.?

  3. Stefan’s doing the right thing. Damon’s gonna HATE being human. Vampirism
    has become a part of them. It won’t be the same at all!?

  4. Stefan’s right though Damon will hate being human. He relishes in being a
    Vampire that is him in and out. It will be completely useless especially if
    Elena is leaving.?

  5. Stefan I Love U But I Dont Like U So Much Right Now
    Stefan already forced damon to turn human he has no right to force him to
    stay one that a selfish move?

  6. This is the problem with DE and DE fans, “Elena is Damon’s source of
    happiness so it doesn’t matter if Damon is a human etc. etc.” one person
    cannot be another person’s everything nor should they be, that’s the
    definition of unhealthy and that’s when you get into situations like in
    season 5 when Damon thought Elena broke up with him so he reacted by
    killing Aaron and kidnapping Jeremy because his “one” source of happiness
    broke his heart and he couldn’t deal so he had a wildly disproportionate
    reaction. Stefan is the only one thinking maturely and trying to get Damon
    to see the larger picture instead of what’s in front of him; Damon would
    *hate* being a human because he was right in season 4, that human life with
    marriage and kids and careers etc. isn’t him, that was Stefan, that is the
    basic difference between the two brothers and if he were trapped in that
    life when deep down he knows he doesn’t actually want it, it *would* be his
    hell. And if Delena is so epic then him being a vampire and her being a
    human wouldn’t be a problem until it *really* became a problem years later,
    I mean a human-vampire relationship was good enough for Stelena there is
    absolutely no reason why it has to be a problem for Delena at this current
    point in time, I mean, if they’re as epic as people say.?

  7. So Kai is back? … Can’t wait to see him in action! I love his character
    on the show and I missed him, hope he can handle Bonnie feisty self lol?

  8. I don’t see why people are hating on Stefan for not wanting to lose his
    brother. Yes it’s selfish but you all know if it was reversed Damon would
    do the same thing.?

  9. So… Julie gives Elena her memories back, and guess what she does next?
    Delena fight! Again… Why, just why??

  10. I think I died of heartache. Delena’s undoing is my undoing. I wish I could
    unknow what I know about Nina leaving so I could finish out this season
    with hope. I no longer have hope for DE, thanks JP you sure know how to
    crush someone’s spirit.?

  11. I loved the flashback to when elena was human before becoming a vampire,
    with the straight hair, she looked like the real/right elena not the
    vampire elena. I really liked her character then idk she had this cuteness
    about her then, I never understood why people complained about her.. Anyway
    now I wonder what Elena was planning to do when she entered a r/ship with
    immortal vampires, you’d think they would have this conversation in the
    beginning of the r/ship not when the show is about to end, did she ever
    have the ‘I’m going to age & you’re not’ conversation with stefan? I can’t
    remember ?

  12. This is so ridiculous! What the hell is going with Stefan? He’s crazy?
    Delena is a epic love being humans or not. I’m not here for this, after 6
    seasons end up with Elena going away with Jo and Alaric cuz Stefan
    ‘freaked’ Damon with ”’how your human lives would be a shit”’ STUPID!!!
    I cant believe my otp will end up like this. For God’s sake I will never
    watch a single ep after 6×22.?

  13. I don’t think Damon will become human, but then again I also don’t think
    Elena is going anywhere. I know Nina is leaving the show, but I have this
    feeling that season 7 will be a flash forward and Elena will be older,
    played by a different actress. I can’t foresee her character just

  14. My heart is broken into million pieces. I love Delena and i’m still not
    ready to let them go.. The writers could have made their few episodes epic
    instead of bringing that stupid cure again.. They’ve promised forever and
    now Elena had that sudden urge to become a human again!!
    Anyways Stefan is not being selfish, he knows Damon more than anyone else
    and somehow he knows how miserable his human life might become in the
    future! I don’t think Damon will take the cure and it’s cause i can’t
    imagine human Damon in s7 and without Elena he will just be as miserable as
    ever,, atleast being a vampire he can switch off his humanity or he’l just
    turned into the badass vampire that he was in season 1!! *Sign* Still
    nervous and confused to know what will happen in this season finale! They
    better don’t disappoint us! Are they going to kill Elena or just compel her
    to leave or another twist! #CuriousAF?

  15. I am still trying to cope with the fact that Nina won’t be in the show
    anymore. This will not be TVD for me anymore. This is making me feel sad ;(?

  16. This is how I think will end -Damon will realize he is in love with Bonnie,
    Damon will make elena forget him, then he will tell her to go live with Jo
    and Alaric as a human life taking care of kids.?

  17. Stefan maybe right, if Damon becomes human he just might end up being
    miserable and alone but you never know he could end the the happiest human
    on earth, its a slim chance but possible. Stefan has Stefan’s best interest
    at heart not Damon’s, hes being 100% selfish in his reasoning. Stefan was
    willing to do the exact same thing way back when he was in love with Elena
    and if that’s what he really wanted Damon would have let him go and get him
    be happy but when the situation is reversed Stefan puts what he wants and
    that fact that he doesn’t want to be alone over Damon’s happiness. I don’t
    think Damon should be human given the enemies hes made and that fact that
    being a vampire is everything to him. He’s jumping the gun and being
    impulsive and not taking time to think clearly as per usual but if chooses
    to give it all up its his choice and his choice alone……..What happened
    to the Stefan that respected others’ choices, he’s such a hypocrite.?

  18. Its nice to know even if Elena took the cure in season 4 she would have
    still chose Damon. Stefan would have been butt hurt lol Stefan was a great
    boyfriend and all back then but Damon gave Elena what love should be.?

  19. Damon is going to be crushed when Elena leaves…He will be killing people
    again and angry and sad because knowing he let the love of his life walk
    away. He may get over it but it will never be the same for him. He will be
    off the rails…and some people may want to see him that way, bad ass and
    killing but deep inside he’s crying :(?

  20. Im crying sooo lauderr that everrr in the history of delena in the history

  21. Stefan the love of delena is going far and strong that just be human they

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