The Vampire Diaries 6×20 Promo “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 6×20 “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” – As Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) reluctantly participate in their bachelor and bachelorette parties,…

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×20 Promo “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” (HD)

  1. Nina leaving the show, I can take….. But, Ian leaving the show or even
    becoming human? I CAN’T TAKE! The writers must be on crack… No Damon, no

  2. YESS BONNIE! ZOMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH 😀 seriously best character and
    scenes. I’m so glad she’s finally like, “F**K Y’ALL, IM GONNA LIVEEEEEE” :D?

  3. OH MY GOD DAMON ????????????, he’s obviously not going to take the cure with
    Elena but she is…. what if she takes it and he compels her to forget
    about him and go somewhere far and live happily with her own family. Julie
    Plec said that the season will be ending with a flash forward or something
    like that, and I think it will show Elena with a family and Damon checking
    in on her and oh my god I can’t?

  4. I saw some flashbacks. It looks like there’s a chance of Elena getting her
    memories back in this episode.?


  6. Ughh I hate how the writers just decide to change the rules whenever it
    suits them. So many plot holes in this show, and it’s getting annoying. I
    thought there was only enough cure for ONE person?! how come all of a
    sudden both Damon AND Elena can take it??

  7. Damon’s lying. He’ll compel her once she drinks it. Selfish my ass, he’s
    willing to give up on her forever.

    Series finale will be him becoming a human somehow and finding her again, I

  8. Ian isn’t going anywhere so why don’t you stop bitching. He’s signed on for
    season 7. And there will probably be an 8th season and maybe even a 9th.
    Just because Nina is leaving doesn’t mean the show will crash and burn.
    **example Shannen Doherty left Charmed at the end of the third season and
    she was the MAIN character even though it was about all three sisters. The
    show went on 5 more seasons without her and did extremely well so quit this
    bitching and nagging. Only time will tell what goes down.?

  9. Gosh. At least she’s leaving; otherwise all the repeating lovey-dovey shxt
    I’m seeing would make me want to gauge my eyes out. Not that its’ bad, but
    it makes for boring TV. Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes and Lily Salvatore
    were the ones who spiced up last episode and that was because they’ve got
    some real fire going on within them. Elena whines, Damon whines with her
    and oh, Stefan joined the parade as well. Ugh, best episode is still the
    one after Bonnie came back to life and Caroline freshly turned her feelings
    off. That and the following one.?

  10. Also, good lord I remember people used to come for SE for being boring, and
    too saccharine but lmao DE takes the fucking cake. Please just be done with
    Delena for good.?

  11. Am I the only one hoping that nina saying she is leaving is just a lie so
    we don’t expect what’s coming? A girl can dream right??

  12. So we know that Nina is leaving which means Elena most likely took the
    cure, but Damon ? If Ian leaves i will be seriously pissed :|?

  13. Guys would’t Damon die after taking the cure? When Katherine took it all
    her years caught up with her so wouldn’t the same happen to Damon? For
    Elena its ok cus she’s been a vamp for like 3 yrs but Damon has been a
    vampire for over 100yrs?

  14. Every second I’m just thinking of what might happen to Elena and how she’s
    gonna be written out of the show. Is she gonna die? #stressed ?

  15. I think Damon said he would take the cure, but it was not true is just to
    reassure Elena so that she not afraid to take it.But ultimately it will be
    the only one to take it and erase it all the memories then …
    It’s sad :(?

  16. *best thing that they could do, is that ian goes from the show too. they
    tried to put delena together all these seasons, and now they have to cut
    the true love…so shity script….after all, they deserve to be together
    until the end, that’s the love that consume us all.. #delenalove
    the vampire diaries could stay with staroline..only two persons who wrote
    diaries was stefan and for the name of tvd ,they don;t need

    **another thing that they could do,is to compel elena to forget everithing
    and put her in time while she was with matt, he is still a human.they loved
    each other in a past and both were dreaming about creating family without
    vampires..damon will stay and suffer(maybe turn to be bad or not),and after
    one season he will find out that he could love bonie.. #dontlikethisversion

    ***or if the cure is not ok(stefan told them not to use it), maybe lily
    will kill elena and damon will kill his mother ( stefan killed dad,he kills
    mam) but it would be late for everything because the vampire+wiches will be
    free…and we will have one sad but true story of delena with the meaning
    ‘until death do us apart’?

  17. All this Elena bitching because she’ll never have a normal life; no
    children. There’s a thing called adoption, you stupid bitch. Then when
    they’re old enough, turn them!?

  18. This show has just become TOO predictable that its become ridiculous. If
    Elena leaves this show because of some dumb cure (I’m so over this STUPID
    cure storyline), I’m leaving TVD for good. Quit being lazy with the writing
    and do something that’s not predictable. And why the hell are we waiting
    for another episode to not show the Vampire Witches and Kai!??


    So right now we only have one cure: Elena takes it. We’ve already
    established that because she’s still young (21, 22?) if someone drinks the
    cure from her veins, a.k.a. Damon, she won’t age like Katherine did. So
    Damon can drink the cure and then have it in his veins – that way he will
    age at a normal human rate, but the cure HAS to stay in his veins!

    I think this is gonna be the plot for season 7: Damon and Elena will be a
    merry human couple together (hopefully Ian will still stick around for the
    final season even as a human) but CAROLINE AND STEFAN DESERVE A HAPPY
    ENDING TOO. So they fight the evil vampire witches (and because they are so
    strong we could have a CROSSOVER with some of the members from the original
    family, yeah? Come help out guys, this isn’t good for you either.). In the
    process, they get the cure from 1903 and CAROLINE DRINKS IT. THEN, AFTER
    THAT, STEFAN DRINKS IT FROM HER VEINS because Caroline can survive without
    it, as she’s still young like Elena. IN THE END, THEY CAN ALL BE HUMAN!

    HOLY SHIT. Tell me you think this wouldn’t be a kick ass ending, I dare

  20. Holy shit…!!! This is to much for me to handle right now.. im freakin
    out! I cant wait to see the next episode and delena.. What can i say. I
    cant.. This is so messed up and so sad and gosh.. I cant believe Nina is
    leaving the show. Delena always and forever <3?

  21. All I want is delena to be happy and together until the end. Bonnie sucks
    honestly I couldn’t care less about her?

  22. No…I cannot take Elena/Nina leaving the show……. HORIBBLE….
    I will be accommodated if Damon leaves the show and they get their driving
    off into the sunset….I can have it no other way..?

  23. Am done, somebody gonna have to tell me how this one ends. I will put all
    my interest in The Originals and The Walking Dead. At least they are more
    promising. Delena already was bankrupted, why do it again!? Because Nina
    wants to leave the show?!? Let Damon go with Elena, kill off the mother in
    the finale.. Kill Enzo too!!! And just end the series……….?

  24. Just a thought, if Elena takes the cure, that means Katherine never took it
    because Elena drank the one from the 90’s and the one from the present
    disappears. So that means Katherine can come back right??

  25. but i have a question!!! when katerine toke the cure, she was diying for
    hers age… ok if elena takes the cure its ok bcz she has like 3 years been
    vampire, but if damon take it will not happen the same as katerine?????

  26. Most of the comments about not liking the new Bonnie i have seen, are
    written by Delena/Elena fans..y’all mad that Bonnie’s number 1 priority
    isnt saving Elena anymore? it was about bloody time. ?

  27. As well Damon is the last person other than Klaus that would ever want to
    become human again… He’s said it himself numerous times lol people think!

  28. reading the comments here i realize how messy this show’s storyline became.
    maybe Elena leaving the show and all the storylines revolving around her
    disappearing is actually what the show needs to have a fresh new start.?

  29. He can’t go human, Katherine died because she was too old for her body.
    Damon is too old too… He can’t handle the cure. Elena is still pretty

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