The Vampire Diaries 6×20 Lily Stabs Bonnie In Neck Scene

10 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×20 Lily Stabs Bonnie In Neck Scene

  1. What sorta pissed me off with this scene is the inconsistencies. We just
    witnessed a powerful Bonnie in past few episodes but, here she abruptly
    let’s her guard down? I don’t buy it.?

  2. Why did Bonnie stop? She let her guard down!! Why did she have to have
    damon blood to heal. Elena attack Bonnie and Bonnie healed herself. I miss
    tht version of Bonnie. If vampire diaries is gonna keep Bonnie weak than
    I’m ready for it to end! Love Bon Bon! Just ready for her to stop being a
    doormat for the vampires!! ?

  3. This is ridiculous, Bonnie is there bleeding her way to death and DE is
    over there having some sweet talks. WHY DIDNT THEY SHOW THE SCENE WHERE
    DAMON FED HER HIS BLOOD!! It wouldve made more sense and the reason why
    Bonnie could heal herself the last time is because Silas took over her

  4. Bonnie should have gone straight for the kill.. That scene made no sense at
    all. And I hate how we don’t see Bonnie for the rest of the episode and
    just get told that she’ll be alright. For what? So we can have 20 minutes
    of DE talk? Again? #Tiredofthisbullshit?

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