The Vampire Diaries 6×20 Extended Promo “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 6×20 “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” – As Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) reluctantly participate in their bachelor and bachelorette parties,…

1,454 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×20 Extended Promo “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” (HD)

  1. im confused. wouldn’t damon just start aging rapidly tho if he takes the
    cure? i mean isnt that what happened to katherine??

  2. I GOT THIS. They went in the 1903 prison world to take the OTHER cure, so
    they both can become human. They jump off the clock tower to enjoy their
    superpowers one last time before they become human forever.?

  3. I love this series…but if Julie plec doesn’t make good use of the amazing
    Kai character I won’t bear the rest of the series…I’m obviously madly in
    love with Kai?

  4. I’m tired of hearing everyone say that Elena might not love Damon anymore
    if she becomes human. She started to love him while she was still human,
    and if she takes the cure, she will remember everything Alaric compelled
    her to forget. So really she should still loves him. And i think they’ll
    try to go back in 1903 to have another cure for Damon but something will go
    wrong, so only Elena will become human again.?

  5. Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes and Lily Salvatore were the ones who spiced
    up last episode and that was because they’ve got some real fire going on
    within them. Elena whines, Damon whines with her and oh, Stefan joined the
    parade as well. Ugh, best episode is still the one after Bonnie came back
    to life and Caroline freshly turned her feelings off. That and the
    following one. Alot of people keep saying that Bonnie is maybe already
    falling for Damon which has me looking at her scenes with Damon in a
    different light lol it’s a weird thing to watch with that perspective. I
    need Kai to come back so the episodes can get a little better despite the
    heavy romanticism that’s been going on just because Nina Dobrev is leaving
    the show. No more male in the cast are dark enough, we’re left with Bonnie,
    Lily and Enzo, *sigh*?

  6. So the one time they put Bonnie in a promo she’s pandering to a Delena
    storyline. Of course. I really hope the last three episodes aren’t going to
    be overrun by the *same* DE angst we’ve been having since season 4: ‘what
    if she doesn’t love Damon???????’ I don’t understand WHY this is still a
    question. Stelena is my OTP, I believe that Elena in the end should realize
    it’s always been Stefan like I won’t lie about that, I make vids about it
    all the time, but the writers have repeatedly *repeatedly* made Elena
    dismiss Stefan and her past with him so I just need this “what if she won’t
    love Damon” question to put to damn rest.?

  7. But wait if Damon especially takes the cure won’t he just become his real
    age and die like Katherine ?

  8. I Have A Feeling If Elena Becomes Human That She Won’t Have The Same
    Feelings Toward Damon And Her Feelings Toward Stephan Will Come Back ..


    So right now we only have one cure: Elena takes it. We’ve already
    established that because she’s still young (21, 22?) if someone drinks the
    cure from her veins, a.k.a. Damon, she won’t age like Katherine did. So
    Damon can drink the cure and then have it in his veins – that way he will
    age at a normal human rate, but the cure HAS to stay in his veins!

    I think this is gonna be the plot for season 7: Damon and Elena will be a
    merry human couple together (hopefully Ian will still stick around for the
    final season even as a human) but CAROLINE AND STEFAN DESERVE A HAPPY
    ENDING TOO. So they fight the evil vampire witches (and because they are so
    strong we could have a CROSSOVER with some of the members from the original
    family, yeah? Come help out guys, this isn’t good for you either.). In the
    process, they get the cure from 1903 and CAROLINE DRINKS IT. THEN, AFTER
    THAT, STEFAN DRINKS IT FROM HER VEINS because Caroline can survive without
    it, as she’s still young like Elena. IN THE END, THEY CAN ALL BE HUMAN!

    HOLY SHIT. Tell me you think this wouldn’t be a kick ass ending, I dare

  10. I’m so confused. I thought the Cure could only be taken by one person, not
    split. And how are they on the Gilbert porch? I don’t know why I’m arguing
    the logic of The Plothole Diaries.?

  11. Just read a delena bullshit in the coment section, even Ian himself doesnt
    like that ship and not seems glad to get rid of it. Elena is not the first
    saw his good side, it was his brother and he feels guilty for Damon being
    bad. Stefan is the one who said to Elena that he has a good side before
    that she was more like its not like I can kill him.?

  12. Everybody keeps saying being human is not what he wants. Doesn’t anyone
    understand that once again Damon is being SELFLESS!!!. He can’t stand to
    lose the love of his life so he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay
    with her. Cause we all know without Elena Damon is like a destructive
    ticking time bomb proof: Elena
    is the one person that keeps him sane. The only person who actually saw the
    good in him (after me of course). Damon has finally accepted that he
    doesn’t want to be the guy in Season 1 anymore. I mean do you see him
    feeding on people. No. Elena and Damon are not just endgame in the books
    they are endgame on the show. Almost every one of the cast members ships
    them. Because why not?. Yay looks like Elena is finally going to get her
    memories back like I said and that will just make their relationship
    stronger. I am so happy Caroline got her emotions back on. But I can’t help
    but say this once and once only they’re all bad asses with their humanity
    off not just verbally but literal. But I can’t tell you how much that hurt
    to watch her have see her mother and finally accept that she’s gone. I
    realized tonight that when vampires turn their emotions back on they get
    one GIGANTIC emotional headache. Now she has to do what everyone else did.
    Go through the acceptance process. Go through the forgiving process. Than
    finally realize that ” turning it off is just a way to cover up how your
    really feeling. ” I love that line that Damon said to Elena when he came
    back. I was crying throughout the whole episode. And Lily has proven that
    she is a true BITCH!!!!. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. And
    Bonnie I love u and I am finally glad that you said what u said. I know how
    long you’ve held in it. But this PTSD is making her crazy. I know it’s
    because of what she went through but wow has she changed. Ugh the CW won’t
    be the same when it comes to Vampire Shows. No other Vampire Show on the CW
    will be able to replace or top TVD. Best friggin vampire show ever. I’m
    going to miss it so much when it goes off. I feel like I know them. I’ve
    been watching them for 6 years. Some even before that. Like Tyler, Stefan,
    Caroline, and Elena. So I’ve basically been watching them pretty much their
    whole career. I am going to be completely irreparably and mentally sad.
    Probably for a whole month. Like I was after season 5 ended. I am a die
    hard TVD fan. I die hard Delena fan. If this message doesn’t prove to u how
    much. I don’t know what will. Bye for now.?

    Elena takes the cure; Damon sucks it out of Elena’s circulatory system.
    (Just like Silas once did it to Katherine.) Elena and Damon are now
    humans… (Katherine aged because as Silas sucked the cure out, theTime had
    to compensate, because Katherine had lived for ages as a vampire. However
    this wouldn’t harm Elena since she’s lived only for several years as a
    vampire. And as long as the cure remains in Damon’s system, no harm for him

    But then something probably will go wrong and Damon will turn into a
    vampire back again right before Elena gets tired of all this drama and
    decide to move to Jeremy’s. However, Elena won’t look back because Damon
    will promise to take the other cure that’s currently in 1903 Prison World.

    Here we go; the main topic of Season #7; Damon on the way taking the cure
    -in 1903 and #Steroline healing. Why wouldn’t Steroline try to use the
    opportunity to take the other cure for themselves through the same system?
    Well, we all know Caroline would never be willing to get back to her old
    idiot, reckless humanity. And since Stefan is in love with her… (Which
    also means there won’t be anything like #Klaroline )

    Towards to the Grand Finale Damon gets to take the cure again finally and
    as soon as Elena takes the news, we get to see Nina Dobrev for the last
    time in the Grand Finale of the whole #TVD package to put an end to it

    There we go again: #Steroline & #Delena;


  14. The only ones who deserve the be human are Stefan and Elena. That’s all
    they wanted, Damon doesn’t want to be human he never has. Stefan and Elena
    wanted to be married to have kids to grow old and die together ?

  15. Elena can get human again, she had been a vampire only for two years so she
    should age normally, but for Damon it is a suicide mission: just like
    Katherine, he will live few months before aging rapidly. I can imagine how
    everyone who cares about Damon: Stefan, Enzo, Bonnie… will try to change
    Damon’s&Elena’s mind about it. ?

  16. This isn’t going to work out as planned.Nothing really ever does on TVD so
    I’m curious to see how they will manage to wrap it all around to Elena
    leaving. I don’t think this cure is legit be it because it came from a
    prison world or Lily had her hands on it long enough to mess with
    it.Wouldn’t be surprised if it makes one of them sick. Also, everyone keeps
    pointing out to Elena that she might not love Damon anymore but what about
    the reverse? Will Damon still love Elena? Enough not to regret his choice
    once human when the overall intensity isn’t there on the same level?
    Personally, I think Damon wants both things and is caught between the two.
    I don’t think it makes him less if in the end he chooses to stay a vamp
    anymore than I would if Elena still took the cure even if he wasn’t going
    to. What I really like about the dilemma though is it’s forcing the couple
    to look beyond just their feelings for each other and at the other things
    life has to offer-both human and immortal- and where those things stack up
    compared to the relationship. I hear there is a flash forward at the end of
    the season finale so it makes you wonder how those choices will go. My bet,
    Damon is prepared to follow through, Elena takes her part with the idea
    that Damon will drink from her and she’ll only age a couple of years, but
    before he can, Stefan calls with a warning about the cure.?

  17. guys even human elena loves Damon. Thats why Stefan and Elena don’t work.
    There is zero chemistry and what Damon and Elena share is true love. But
    Human Elena just couldnt admit that she fell in love with Damon. We learned
    that in 6×03 on her 18th birthday?

  18. The cure will do the same thing it did to Katherine. Why would Damon take
    it? Bonnie is so right! Human Elena chose Stefan no matter which way you
    look at it. ?

  19. Im sorry but I don’t see Damon as a human it makes 0 sense for him to be
    human I mean what is he really going to do become a housewife and rub
    Elena’s feet when she gets home. And what if Elena isn’t the same Elena
    Damon fell for when their human again and delena is no wait was so season
    2-3-4 ago get over it it seems bonnie knows more about Damon than Elena and
    where are the bamon scenes we were promise?(aka no talk about Elena)?

  20. i think since nina wont be in season seven , they might make elena die or
    move away maybe trapped somewhere for good. either that or they might just
    replace her, but no offence i prefer the book better than the show, the
    book was much interesting and damon feelings weren’t just focus on elena,
    it was focused on other stuff as well.?

  21. if elena is leaving then we want some stelena also not just delena that’s
    soooo not fair -_-
    lame lame lame can’t for her to leave the show?

  22. Let me guess they take the cure turn humans relies they don’t love each
    other so they take some vampire blood and jumps of the tower to be vampires

  23. ROFL! Whatttt? Damon and Elena take the cure and then decide that no one
    else in their lives matter enough for them to stick around? So they just
    end their lives? Perfect. Great ending. What the heck?! If this is the way
    they’re leaving the show, I’m going to be laughing because that’s a crappy
    ending. As if anyone would be ok if they killed themselves! Haven’t we
    learned that already?
    Stefan leaves – Everyone looses their minds. Bonnie is trapped in another
    world – everyone looses their minds. Damon dies – Stefan is thrown into
    depression and abandons everyone, Elena drugs herself so she can be with
    I mean seriously! Everyone goes crazy when one of the main people die or
    disappear. What makes Elena and Damon think they can be selfish now and
    their dying won’t effect anyone?! If they end like this…they’re idiots.?

  24. i know i probably sound selfish and heartless someway, but if Bonnie had
    mused quite deeper on all the possible consequences of bringing the cure
    back she would have realized it’d have been so much better to leave it
    where it was.. sometimes it’s better to keep something hidden if it means
    preventing your friends from messing their lives up.. we’ve all got it is
    all going to be so sad in the very end, Ian himself posted a pic on
    facebook where all you could see was darkness.. all i hope is for them not
    to part with memories erased or with their love hindered, questioned or
    destroyed.. like Damon and Stefan’s brotherly bond it is the everlasting
    thing the show should always have.. i’ll always hope “it’s gonna be Damon”?

  25. I think that Damon and Elena are on the prision world of 1903 that’s why
    they are on the Gilbert porch…?

  26. katherine talked about Silas sucking her blood caused rapid ageing right.
    In which episode exactly did Silas do that? Help someone?

  27. Omfg, This whole things didn’t work in the past but work now pisses me off.
    I hate how Julie throws away a whole storyline to cater to Damon and elenas
    relationship. Now there’s plenty of cures to go around? But when Elena was
    with Stefan S.O.L? Ppl criticize Stefan to much especially about not
    showing feeling towards caroline. He has BAD LUCK with love! The one woman
    he basically died for left him for his brother. While he was in a tomb with
    Katherine. Ever since Elena betrayed him he has never been himself. Elena
    has had conversations with Stefan about family if they could become human
    again. It’s why I feel Elena doesn’t deserve happiness why? Cause her
    parents died n a crash? Well they weren’t hers so ooops!. Is it because she
    turned into something she never wanted to be? Noo cause she enjoyed it. Now
    she tired of being a blood sucker. Well I guess I just can’t stand Elena
    ever since after klaus. Why does everyone still have to cater to protect
    the life of Elena? Like she a damn princess. The one girl out of trio who
    has suffered most is Bonnie. Elena die so Damon and bonnie can be together

  28. I cannot wait till Nina Dobrev is off the show, Delena has become cheesy
    AF, the show’s writing continues to recycle its crappy “im selfish but im
    not selfish” bs at the end of every episode to win the hearts of the pre
    teens, this show has officially lost its touch, I can’t believe the same
    people who write The Originals also write this garbage.?

  29. If Damon becomes human, I quit watching TVD :( Because his bitchy Vampire
    moments and fights are what I have loved about the series…?

  30. In season 4 they said there was only one dose of the cure and now suddenly
    they can split it? AND won’t Damon die, if he takes it, because the 160
    years he has lived will catch up to him, just like they did Katherine..?
    Fuck logic?

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