The Vampire Diaries 6×15 Promo – Let Her Go [HD]

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 Promo/Preview “Let Her Go” “Let Her Go” Official Description: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JULIE PLEC MAKES HER DIRECTORIAL DEB…

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×15 Promo – Let Her Go [HD]

  1. elena saying i dont think she is handling this as well as she though< like bitch did you handle damon dieing? no you didnt so stfu thats her mom ?

  2. I do not want to be rude, this is just my opinion, but what is the point of
    watching TVD anymore. But I heard that Liz is dead, Jeremy is leaving for
    good, and still no Bonnie? What is the point of TVD anymore? Ive noticed
    that the ratings are down already compared to other seasons. But I do not
    think the show now deserves a seventh season. I hope it will be there last.
    I do not want any hate for what I am saying. ?

  3. TVD is really strugling to find new plots and it’s not going so well for
    them. They should have kept Kai as he was earlier this season and combine
    his ark with Enzo’s one and the death of Liz. It would have make things
    much more crazy and interesting.?

  4. Okay all that sad-story aside… I know most people were hating Enzo, but I
    wasn’t part of that club. I as just very curious by his behavior and when
    he explained that Stefan selling him out to be tortured was the core of it,
    I got it. I mean like Damon kept killing the whole Withmore lineage… Enzo
    wants to make Stefan suffer. Very logical. And then his upcoming story-line
    with Sara…? Wow. That’s a romance novel I’d like to read, where the girl
    falls in love with both her villain and her hero!! That would be some good
    shxt! Won’t end well for Enzo though :S
    Also the episode where Liz was almost turned before she became human again
    to die normally was a waste of episode; we shoud’ve had this one instead.
    But oh well. Right now two storylines are getting me intrigued: Enzo+Sara
    and the interaction Bonnie will have with both Kai and Damon in the future.
    Everything else is just blaahh.?

  5. to those who are saying caroline might turn off her emotions – that will be
    a good twist since TVD has shitty storylines atm. i would love to see
    caroline turn off her emotions but i don’t think she will. because ..
    1. caroline saw how elena acted when she turned her emotions off so i don’t
    think caroline wants to act like how elena did.
    2. caroline is strong, way stronger than elena. when damon died, elena was
    weak she used drugs to see damon and erased her memories. when jeremy died
    she turned off her emotions. caroline is not like that, she has her friends
    that she can go to seek for help, also she takes her responsibility, i
    think caroline would want to grief in a normal realistic way instead of
    turning her motions off. plus liz knew how hurt caroline would be once she
    dies hence the reason why she asked stefan to take care of her and guide
    her so i think stefan will help her get through this … which leads to
    steroline 😀 am i the only one who likes steroline? ?

  6. As much as I appreciate Liz’s character, I really think it’s time they find
    an appropriate, stable ‘enemy’ plot to get the show back on action track
    cuz I didn’t get the crap out of Enzo’s weird plan and Kei’s absence makes
    it seem like his ‘story’ is over. I know you’ll say that there’s still
    action in preparation but it definitely looks like Julie is running out of
    ideas while I know she can do so much better than that! This last episode
    was promising, I thought it had something of the first seasons in it, but
    it’s gonna take more than a new ‘moving-on’ situation with Jeremy’s
    departure and Liz’s death to make the show regain of its efficiency. Please
    Julie, bring up new characters with original goals that differ from the
    previous ones, all this show needs is a new efficient evil. Enzo is BORING
    AND ANNOYING AS HELL, Bonnie’s absence is growing unbearable and odd, and
    Liz’s story is beautiful but it looks way too much like a gap-filler.
    Now that every character finally got both sentimental and emotional closure
    THEM STUCK TO BEING TOGETHER) I think it’s time that other IMPORTANT and
    DEVELOPED new characters make their entrance.
    And I won’t say it enough: it’s more than time to quit the *relationship’s
    carousel*! Please just no. All relationship found closure by now so I
    really really hope they stick to it. No more fan-service. Done. Bye. We got
    what we wanted now just bring both Bonnie and an actual storyline back and
    we’ll be happy. :)?

  7. They should be ashamed calling this crap show “Vampire Diaries”. They
    basicly said fuck you to the original story that is in the books….?

  8. For fucks sake, can this bitch get in the ground already? She took 5
    episodes to die. Funeral episode too? Really? For the most incompetent
    least, significant person to exist in the show? Really? Fuck this nonsense.
    Unless Kai shows up badass and evil again to urinate on her corpse as it
    goes down into the ground, I’m out. This pointless plotless dawdling
    bullshit – I’m not here for that. ?

  9. Why the FUCK is Damon speaking at Liz’s funeral when he manipulated, abused
    and raped her daughter?! The writers have fucking lost their minds. ?

  10. Just my opinion. But this show is losing its plot. At first it was awesome,
    but it’s getting kinda boring and it just seems like they’re doing
    everything for the fans. Like Damon and Elena is being more dramatic than
    Stefan and Elena ever was. ?

  11. Tvd is boring now they have no plot since amara and silas died. Julie has a
    chance to pull it around if they talk about why katherine was taken by a
    unknown force rather than going to the other side with her daughter and all
    this shit with kai and caroline mom dying is pointless and dumb af and I
    think we might see katherine soon hopefully, they keep mentioning her
    basically every episode. Plus I know the unknown force that took her can be
    a good storyline considering she was the only one taken without going to
    the other side?

  12. This show is like a bad relationship, you know it’s not good for you
    because of the bad and pointless storyline, but you keep coming back
    because of the small things in it that you like.?

  13. This should be the last season of tvd but this show is getting boring and
    isnt giving me those “feels” when a character dies or something happy is
    supposed to happen like a kiss or reunion . ?

  14. GAH , i liked Liz but can we wrap it up and move on? Where is this story
    going, I think I might skip and episode for the first time since I began
    watching this series.?

  15. TVD Seasons 1-3 compared to now feels like I’m watching two totally
    different shows. They continually add useless characters only to kill them
    off & didn’t we already go through the entire trying to bring Bonnie back
    to life process ?????

  16. if the writers had continued to follow the book and not just do whatever
    they wanted the show would have continued to be great. right now the only
    thing saving TVD is Steroline.?

  17. In death there is no pain Liz you are forever free your daughter will miss
    you terribly their will be mourning an tears but she knows in her heart you
    have down all you can for this town an her an that you are at peace ?

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