The Vampire Diaries 6×15 Extended Promo – Let Her Go [HD]

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 Extended Promo/Preview “Let Her Go” “Let Her Go” Official Description: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JULIE PLEC MAKES HER DIRECT…

34 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×15 Extended Promo – Let Her Go [HD]

  1. Remember when this show was about vampires? And … plot? Like don’t get me
    wrong, I loved the Steroline moments last episode, in fact they had me
    squealing, and I think Candice did a nice job with Caroline’s grief when
    Liz died but … there’s no suspense anymore, no OMG moments, no momentum,
    like this has stopped being about the supernatural mischief that happens in
    a town and no matter how character-based and love-interest-based shows like
    BTVS or Roswell or Charmed became, there was still suspenseful supernatural
    mischief that rooted the show/pulled the characters together. ?

  2. I liked last night’s episode, but it was so damn sad! Can’t wait til next
    Thursday for the flashback scenes of Damon and his mom. I think it is next
    weeks episode.?

  3. Last episode was sad and boring at the same time. I feel so sorry for
    Caroline and her mothers death is such a tragedy, but where were the Bonnie
    scenes? ?

  4. I have a strange feeling that our Care-bear may not cope with the loss of
    her mom ( you know, so much pain ) and that she will turn her emotions off.
    That would be a good plot twist. ?

  5. I’m actually liking the slowness of the show right now because right now
    they are dealing with real life human heartbreak with the death of liz.
    Everyone parent or love one on the show died by some form of supernatural
    or hands of it. liz dying by cancer is something new for the chacters. ?

  6. I loved all the bonding last episode between Jer and the guys, Jer and
    Elena, and Damon and Liz. Those moments were precious, however I gotta say
    that Steroline kiss did not sit right with me… it was weird. It’s like
    they built them up so much and it was disappointing. I never shipped
    Steroline from the beginning, but they were starting to grow on me, but
    that kiss killed it. It’s too mushy, seems highly unlikely with everything
    else going on that it could really be that mushy. Where is the spark, the
    passion? I didn’t feel it. They’re better off as friends. I didn’t ship
    them before and I still don’t. They were beginning to grow on me, but that
    kiss killed it. They should just stay good friends, it felt like they were
    too close, sibling/best friend close not boyfriend/girlfriend/lover close.
    It was just weird to watch. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. I
    love Jeremy’s exit story line, hunting vamps, yes! And he still cares about
    Bonnie. My love for them grows and grows. They just have to be endgame, he
    may no longer be a series regular but he will be back, I’m sure of it. I
    hope when Bonnie gets back and the show is ending she takes off with him.
    Beremy has to be endgame! They just have to! Overall 6×14 was a good
    episode, except for Steroline, I just don’t see it, feel it, get it…I
    don’t get them as a couple. I probably never will. They have no fire,
    sparks, explosions, eruptions, they are not burning sizzling hot together.
    Their relationship is like two soggy matches trying to light up sopping wet
    wood in a damp fireplace. The end result is not a fire. Anyway I can’t wait
    to see where Caroline will go from here after losing her mother and looking
    forward to meeting the mysterious Mama Salvatore. This episode should be
    interesting indeed and oh Bonnie will actually be in it, there’s a plus.?

  7. i dont understand .. are the writers of these last terrible seasons
    different than the first seasons writers? where is the rush? i remember
    when i was watching the first and the second season and my heart went crazy
    with every new episode coming out. someone related to the production really
    needs to explain them the reason why people watch this show. we loved the
    vampires plot, we loved the far flashback, we loved katherine and her
    bloodline story, we loved this show being simple with not this very many
    drama going on. it used to be an action show and its no longer that. so
    just make a nice ending and let us all out of it. ?

  8. Even though the last ep was of a much higher quality than what’s been the
    norm for the show for a while, the storylines are still not catching my
    interest at all:(?

  9. I feel like they’ve been dragging out the Liz-Caroline plot for a bit too
    long when there are other plotlines unfinished, and way more interesting in
    my opinion (Kai become not-so evil, Bonnie still trying to get back, Sarah
    and Enzo, Steroline). Maybe this is just going to be a filler episode,
    atleast they made Caroline’s mourning realistic…?

  10. I cried when I watched the last episode in the last scene when liz
    died…Why her?? She is an amazing character, I love her a lot and her
    friendship with Damon

  11. This should be the last season of tvd but this show is getting boring and
    isnt giving me those “feels” when a character dies or something happy is
    supposed to happen like a kiss or reunion . ?

  12. Biggest piece of teenage SHIT currently on TV! Show either needs to pick up
    or just end! It’s disgusting how shit this show is now?

  13. I think the only way to spice things up on this show is to have Caroline
    turn off her emotions… that would at least make things interesting
    again! ?

  14. This is supposed to be a show about vampires damn it, not a soap opera,
    which is what it’s starting to feel like. I’m tired of watching the
    characters cry. ?

  15. A sheriff a friend a mother Liz Forbes will truly be missed by all
    including her daughter she must stay strong or that sadness that she feel
    will only bring more pain ?

  16. okay guys srsly watch the FULL episode……..i am literally and i mean
    LITERALLY squealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im soooooo happpppyyy:)))))))))))))))
    but then at the same time slightly annoyed. but u will get what i mean once
    you have watched it so……….GO WATCH IT?

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