The Vampire Diaries 6×14 Promo “Stay” (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 6×14 “Stay” – It’s Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) last day in Mystic Falls and Elena (Nina Dobrev) puts on a brave face as they reminisce about their past. Stefan (Paul…

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×14 Promo “Stay” (HD)

  1. If Enzo and Liv don’t die already….

    Tyler, how shocking. You’re done with her as quick as you got with her. And
    yet you still are nowhere to be found in support of your dear friends.
    (Bonnie/Caroline) You even went to the Salvatore house and you did nothing
    for your actual friends.

    I can’t take Enzo anymore. I can’t deal with him. His story line is
    sooooooo dumb and annoying. God, really??! He’s still on Stefan’s ball
    sack?! Stefan doesn’t even care about him anymore. Good Jesus, Enzo.

    Elena is soooo annoying. For the first time in my life, I don’t like her.
    Imagine if she actually put other matters that weren’t Delena related
    first, (like contacting Bonnie) Liv would have never gotten to come in with
    that weak ass attack on Kai. Damn, why couldn’t she had just died?!

    I almost liked Delena this episode, but the circumstances in which they
    have sex and make up are just so wrong and off.

    Finally Jeremy came through. **clap clap** And then he takes off. Um,
    Jeremy… I’m pretty sure Bonnie said all that nice stuff about you because
    she thought you couldn’t hear her and because she was pretty sure she was
    going to be there forever. But now that Kai is willing to help them connect
    with the other side, why would he choose NOW to move on with life?? What is
    up with the Gilbert siblings? Why do they move on at the worst times?

    I love Kai. I hate that they found some way to make him “good”. I liked
    dark Kai. I don’t want him changing up on me and getting a heart. Ugh.

    Steroline. Hmmm. I love them. And I’m excited that their relationship isn’t
    budding inappropriately in lieu of the circumstances. I’m happy that
    Caroline’s grief is in play and drawing them closer together. What I don’t
    like? Is the fact that they are totally dissociating Bonnie from Stefan and
    vice versa. Um, Bonnie and Stefan had their own friendship aside from all
    of this so why does it seem like Stefan isn’t affected by this at all? He’s
    not even putting effort into helping get her back. (Matt & Tyler & Alaric

    Boring episode. Again.?

  2. So Jeremy is going to school while Bonnie is still stuck in purgatory and
    just tried to kill herself? Wow, that is love……?

  3. Steroline is disgusting. Julie ruined their friendship. Dullena is boring
    af. Wow they jumped in to bed together when she literally hated him for
    killing Jeremy 5 episodes ago. So predictable. This show has gone to trash.

  4. i honestly dont want steroline. they’re better off as friends. tvd is not
    as interesting as it used to be, they just need to come up with better
    storylines i hope they do. writers really screwed up enzo. im really happy
    that bonnies going to nova scotia and getting her magic back.?

    Julie has said that Enzo wil be romantic with Sarah, so no need to hate on
    him, he’s going to go into her life thinking his plan is so good, then he’s
    going to fall for her?

  6. I loved last night’s episode so much that I thought it was amazing. All of
    the scenes were perfect, this literally the best episode this season and
    best I’ve seen in a while. Kudos to Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux for
    the writing and Pascal Verschooris for directing tonight’s episode. I was
    having an awful day and this episode has made my night. (:?

  7. I loved the Bonnie scenes but they were really depressing; I like her. I
    don’t care that Jeremy is leaving I don’t like him at all. I was laughing
    at Liv last night. She looked pathetic and Luke was the one person that Kai
    “killed” but it wasn’t his fault. How is it his fault he won?! I didn’t
    feel bad for her at all and she should’ve died instead of Luke. I don’t
    ship Steroline but if they happen at least Stelena will never happen again.
    Enzo is a joke seriously. He was one of my favs and now I don’t like him.
    Delena! I just wish they didn’t have sex again so soon. ?

  8. STEROLINE AHHH They better kiss the next episode because man, tonight’s
    episode kinda pissed me off when they just looked at one another but then
    hesitated as they always do… JUST KISS ALREADY!!

    BTW I’m soooo beyond sick of Delena, Delena, Delena.. same old stuff.. as
    soon as Elena walked into Damon’s room, I knew what would happen! It’s
    become sooo predictable because they did it all before…. JUST GIVE ME

  9. Out of this whole situation happening, what pisses me off the most is where
    the fuck is Tyler throughout this? Caroline has been there for him since
    day one, and now when Caroline needs her friends the most he isnt there??

  10. I love delena and all but I don’t know this is knida weird for me, she said
    it herself she has shit memory of him then she decides to sleep with him :/
    back then I use to get frills at all their touching scenes and romantic
    kisses. now im just like “ugk yeah that’s cute”. I just want her to get all
    her memory of him back. to remember every moment they shared, to remember
    how and when she fell inlove with him, to remember the promises he made and
    kept. THAT will bring back my frills… can I get a AMEN?!! yeah nah its 1
    AM in the morning im just craycray. im happy Kai’s not dead hes so DAMN

  11. Aw i am going to miss Jeremy, i liked him in it. Its a shame Bonnie won’t
    be there to say goodbye to him but i am glad he saved her last episode. So
    hope Bonkai happens now ?

  12. In the books, Stefan is with Elena and Damon is with her best friend,
    Bonnie. I guess they went opposites in this one. ( since Care is Elena’s
    bestie )

    I love Care and Stefan, I don’t get why people don’t like it. They are
    perfect for each other and have always been there for the other.?

  13. Almost every single comment on this vid is just complaining complaining
    complaining. Nothing is ever good enough for you people. Last episode was
    very emotional and finally new storylines are opening up, but nope, you
    people will ignore all the good things and just find anything you can to
    complain about. So immature.?

  14. Dammit this sucks!!! Hate it when someone leaves a show!!! First Allison in
    teen wolf and now Jeremy! ???????? #NotCool?

  15. Delena is supposed to be the exciting couple, but everything they do is so
    predictable. They go on a mission, something happens, they have a big
    romantic chat about how they love each other (with Elena doing most of the
    talking) and then they kiss with the occasional sex scene. ?

  16. dear people who are bored of delena’s forced relationship but will happily
    watch steroline making out, i think you are quite deluded?

  17. wow i love kai now soooo much more,just really hope it’s real :*
    and finally delena get back together hope now they don’t do all the “break
    up_make up” thing as far as now it’s good.
    and about all the the people who are just hating on jermy, it was steven
    (the actor) who decide to QUIT the show so that’s why they did,and really i
    think it’s better that way,BAMON are soo much CUTER.?

  18. Steroline can’t happen they are waaay better as friends because you know
    like they do with all the relationships in this show they will break them
    up and things will get weird, also I still am rooting for klaroline even
    though its clearly not going to happen with the originals.. Delena needs to
    end I mean seriously their scenes are so predictable they work together to
    do something it ends the two of them are alone in a room someone confesses
    their love or something blah blah the music gets all passionate they kiss
    and they hop back in to bed together. I’m over it. I will always be a
    diehard Stelena fan but even if that doesn’t happen I’m just over Delena
    please stop trying to make it happen, it will never happen.. also with
    everything going on in the actors personal lives, maybe its just me but I
    can’t find it believable anymore its just awkward to watch. Also Enzo’s
    character had so much potential I don’t like where they are going with it I
    hope that can be turned around?

  19. Steroline :/…. they do not match as lovers at all !! Please leave them as
    friends. But wgatever we say Julie’s going to do thid relationShit. Why
    couldn’t they bring a new girl for Stefan ? If it comes to Caroline she’d
    be better with Enzo at the moment. ?

  20. I meen , i did like the episode but it was just soo predictable , i knew
    bonnie wouldn’t kill herself or come back , that steroline wasn’t going to
    happen and that there would be some romantic delena moments , i don’t seem
    to find myself surprised by this show anymore . I’ll continue watching it
    since i still do think it’s entertaining and i enjoy it , but i will admit
    – it’s getting worse and worse .

    What i reaaaaly do like is The Originals !
    Stunning cast , unpredictable storylunes , makes actual sense , keeps you
    tense the whole time , absolutely amazing ! If you haven’t watched you
    should !?

  21. Suprisingly i actually liked episode the last episode, well atleast the
    Bonnie parts. But i do find it really strange that in their own mind they
    already saved Bonnie and now Jeremy is leaving to artschool before she
    actually gets back home? I get that they should move on with their lives or
    whatever, but shouldnt he atleast wait til Bonnie gets home to see that she
    is actually okay? Or the writers could have make Bonnie come back next
    thursday, but since she’s not in the episode, im guessing she wont return.
    Im not even a Beremy shipper, but seriously this i kinda stupid. And at the
    end of episode 13, everyone acted like Bonnie was okay and everything was
    peachy, this was the one thing that bothered me in the episode. Cause it
    was clear that Bonnie wasnt okay, cmon the girl was few seconds away from
    killing herself.?

  22. Funny how Jeremy did nothing to save Bonnie for most of the season. He
    didn’t care about what she was going through enough to try and save her
    earlier when he knew that she was alive. But because he is leaving and the
    writers wanted to rush a Beremy “Closure” episode they have him suddenly
    playing as the hero. Like why should he get credit for something that he
    should have done earlier? All that mattered to him was that he moved on
    and that he didn’t get his feelings hurt only when he actually sees Bonnie
    struggling through her feelings does he care enough to get off of his ass
    and do something.

    If he really loved her he would have tried to save her before no matter how
    hopeless things looked. One episode of him doing something is suppose to
    make up for the fact that he was willing to abandon Bonnie in 1994 to
    protect his feelings? I don’t think so. And then he turned what Bonnie is
    going through into something about him being trapped too. And he is leaving
    before he makes sure that Bonnie really makes it back because it is all
    about his life. I don’t care if Bonnie said that he should move on with his
    life. He could still make sure that she is back on present day before he
    goes to art school?

  23. OMG the fans of this show piss me off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it’s not you
    who decide what will happen . I know that as a fan we can critisize the
    show but some people are taking it way too far . Like for real nothing ever
    please you ? I loved so much last night episode and I love everything about
    the story , probably Enzo is the only thing that I dislike and of course
    the fan of this show who are all the time complaining. ?

  24. As much as the show is irritating me a bit, I do think there will be a
    progression. Hopefully once Bonnie gets back and Elena and Damon have a big
    fight (which they do a lot) and break up I think it will pick up. ?

  25. I seriously don’t understand how they got newel a new season like 7 season
    wtf? Like I feel like ever since originals starts TVD a writers just got
    lazy ahahhaha I love originals anyways and I realised the reason I loved
    TVd before was because of the original family. Like I hate Stefan and I
    hate how elena’s only storyline is her picking between one of the brothers
    like dear lord it’s been 6 seasons youve got damon now stay -.- I love the
    actress but I hate the character just play KATHERINE please …. I swear I
    hated Elena as a human , as a love sick vampire picking two brothers is
    worse -.- ?

  26. The only good things about the last Episode were the Caroline and Stefan
    Scenes and the last Scene with Bonnie driving off to Novia Socia…
    It’s just really sad what happened to this Show. It’s a perfect example of
    what success does: It makes you greedy. Instead of noticing that this
    season would be a great place to end the series in a natural way, the
    showrunners only look at what numbers it’s bringing in and that’s why it
    got renewed, they don’t care that slowly but surely it’s getting
    ridiculous. Depending on if they are capable to turn this mess around, at
    the Moment I don’t think I will be returning for season 7…?

  27. The Originals is taken over the CW TVD needs to be canceled it two seasons
    now of a shitty story line that’s not getting better. I don’t want to see a
    love story tv show , Tyler is no longer a hybrid or werewolf so he’s is a
    relevant, Alaric is no longer emortail , boonie been gone for a season and
    a half now , they should send Kai to the Originals and shut the show down.?

  28. Why tf is Enzo still on this show? Why do they barely give Matt any scenes?
    Why is badass Tyler with that witch chick? Why don’t they pay attention to
    Bonnie? She saves their lives several times and they can’t save her once!
    This show is extremely horrible now ?

  29. Delena is amazing!
    I love Bonnie and she should be back!
    I like Kai!
    Jeremy is better of leaving!
    One of the worst mistakes of the writers: Totally screwing up Enzo’s
    character,I used to love him but now he’s annoying.Another mistake is
    killing Katherine Pierce off.Get your sh*t together TVD!?

  30. So over delena big time I think I should write for tvd lol bonnie needs to
    come back matt needs to save sarah from enzo and they fall in love Stefan
    and Caroline need to hook up but have Elena get jealous as she is secretly
    still in love with Stefan and eventually dumps Damon so he can go back to
    being the bad boy everyone loves and at some point either have Klaus come
    back or have Caroline get back with Tyler after he triggers his werewolf
    gene and help him again to go through it and Stefan and Elena get back
    together their love was epic her and Damon are rude to each other and have
    wild sex yes but her and Stefan were best friends and lovers and they made
    love not just sex and they had a real relationship not just sex they belong
    together ?

  31. Bonnie continues to impress me being the strong character that she is while
    Enzo’s starting to make me cringe like a certain vampire couple when they
    come together on screen. But seriously Enzo needs to GO AWAY and I’m
    enjoying “Steroline” along with Kai who I’m pleased to see struggling with
    his newfound conscience XD?

  32. i would like to see stefan and caroline as friends otherwise they will be
    ruined for me why does every friendship have to turn into love i really
    hate that?

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