The Vampire Diaries 6×14 Extended Promo “Stay” (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 6×14 “Stay” – It’s Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) last day in Mystic Falls and Elena (Nina Dobrev) puts on a brave face as they reminisce about their past. Stefan (Paul…

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×14 Extended Promo “Stay” (HD)

  1. They are kidding me right now, aren’t they?!
    They spoiled us that Steroline is gonna kiss?! FOR REAL?????????????
    Wow, I’m so angry right now -.- I can still remember when they spoiled us
    in the promo that Stefan is gonna kill Katherine. LIKE WTF?! The next
    episode won’t be exciting at all. I’m sure it will be an amazing episode,
    but now we already know everything that’s gonna happen. It’s just so stupid

  2. Steroline is beautiful their friendship their closeness their connection is
    unlike any other we saw on tvd and that’s what I like its real and it would
    make sense for them to have a romance after two seasons they have to be
    endgame :)?

  3. The reason I like Steroline so much, is not only that Stefan and Caroline
    have a beautiful connection and there’s obviously love going on, but
    also… when has Stefan really felt happy with a girl after Elena? Elena
    got to fall in love again while still BEING with Stefan by the way, and
    then she broke up with him and got into a relationship with Damon. Stefan
    has never felt really happy with a girl afterwards. I think it’s time
    Stefan finally gets someone who also loves him as much as he loves her.?

  4. I don’t get the Steroline hate. Those two have the best relationship anyone
    could ask for. The one tons of people can relate to. What’s wrong or
    unusual about falling in love with your best friend? That’s much more
    natural than ANY of the other ships on TVD so far.
    Also, to those who keep bitching about Liz dying TO make Steroline happen –
    are you even watching this show? Steroline has been a thing since the
    beginning of s5, if not WAY longer. They would have happened no matter
    what. In fact, I’d say Liz cancer storyline was written so Caroline would
    have her own storyline this season, as she’s not involved with any of Kai,
    Gemini drama.
    Now, I have TONS of complaints about this season, but Steroline is not one
    of them. She makes him happy. He makes her happy. They understand and
    support each other. He’s falling for her. She’s totally in love with him.
    Seems completelly natural to me.
    Unlike almost all ships on this show so far – this one actually happens
    quite often in real life.?

  5. Every time this show takes one step forward, it takes like 10 more back.
    The Delana moments are overplayed and sooooo boring. I use to love Elana
    back in S1 and S2, but now every time I see her I just get super annoyed,
    and think I might go blind rolling my eyes. They’re also taking too long
    with the whole Caroline and Stephan romance. I could easily pick out 10
    different instances in the last 5 episodes where they could’ve kissed.
    Doing it now would just seem anticlimactic. Finally and most importantly,
    WHY in the world would you remove Jeremy form the picture? He’s the one who
    cares about Bonnie the most, and right now she’s the most interesting
    character on TVD. This shows that the focus is going to be taken away from
    her for the time being and that blows.?

  6. Jeremy, get out while you can. Elena, get out and stay out; I don’t like
    you, never did. Stefan and Caroline, you are flawless and beautiful, good
    for the two of you, you deserve happiness. Bonbon, return to us, I need
    your grade A banter with Damon; he was likeable when you were around.
    Looking forward to next week, sad for Liz though.?

  7. Yeh, its great Damon and Elena are back together and I always shipped them
    but now can we get to see something different please???? I absolutely love
    Bonnie and I hated it when she lost her magic and the episode where Damon
    and Elena went to get her from the Alternate Universe but she just missed
    them….I cried my eyes out! I want Bonnie back with her magic just as she
    is supposed to be and since they only have Jeremy hanging around in the
    background moping and continuing to grow out his hair (ewwww) then so long
    Jer! Give Bonnie her own story and a new love interest, develop Stefan and
    Carolines relationship and let Delena take a back seat for once because
    even though I love them, even I am growing tired of the same Damon/Elena

  8. Y’know, anti steroline comments used to bother me but now they’re just
    hilarious. Keep em coming, I love laughing at all your bitter asses while
    watching my ship become canon ahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahah?

  9. I take it back I want that kiss, I know I said I didn’t want it so soon but
    after seeing it I WAS SO WRONG oh dear lord?

  10. Ugh Steroline. Once again Caroline will be #2 because we all know Stelena
    is endgame and even if they’re not Stefan will never feel the same way
    about Caroline as he did for Elena.?

  11. Seriously? Can’t two people of opposite sex just stay friends? No? We
    really need to make romance out of every relationship in this senseless tv
    show? Steroline has a beautiful friendship, but yeah, let’s ruin it, just
    so we can made this show a complete soap opera. Who needs action, beautiful
    friendships & sense? Just make everyone make out with everyone because it’s
    so cool and entertaning.
    Seriously, I’m done.?

  12. I think that kiss is their second kiss in the episode. The way they held
    each others hand and the kiss seemed like they done it before, they just
    went for it like they kiss all the time. I feel like the first kiss is the
    one picture where her hand is on his chest and they are smiling, and the
    one in the promo is afterwards. ?

  13. Honestly what happened to tvd they used to have amazing storylines….this
    season is by far the worst season in television history idc?

  14. Just a question why do people like Steroline? It’s so awful. I mean why do
    everyone on this show changes partners like clothes? Is that what
    relationships are about? What are they teaching teenager girls, that it’s
    okay to be a slut. And sleep with your boyfriend’s brother, and than go on
    and on. It’s okay because it’s so called “love” right? Ughhh stupid show. I
    stopped watching this. It turned into crap. Thanks to Caroline Dries and
    Julie’s fat ass. They need to end this dumb and retarded tv show as soon as
    possible. Why is the heroine of this show slut? Aren’t heroines suppose to
    be the opposite? Okay if writers want Dullena that’s okay. But why can’t
    Stefan find a “NEW” girl rather than go and kiss Caroline? What are they
    teaching us, that guy and girl can’t only be just friends? It’s so
    annoying. And only decent character was Bonnie, but she is the one who gets
    screwed all the time. This tv show official turned into fan service. And
    not just a fan service but a DULLENA fan service. Just because Julie and
    Caroline are obsessed with Ian.?

  15. That show sucks so much and it doesn’t even remotely the books at all any
    longer…thank god for he originals tho! ?

  16. Now… Why the HELL would they ruin the single moment that we’ve been
    waiting for the entire season and some people since season 1. I do not
    understand the logic behind showing it. These writers man..?

  17. No No No No No this is Not Happening! Steroline Kiss -_- Shit, I’m So Done
    With TVD… :'( Caroline Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy Date a Rock But Don’t Kiss
    Stephan -_-
    I’m So Angry -_- ,I Wanna Kill The Writers ?

  18. O.M.G is “stay” a reference to 6×03?????? “if just a little small part of
    you came back to check on me, then…stay” IS HE FINALLY STAYING? endgame,

  19. Love it!!! Whatever when I used to watch DC years ago, they also spoiled
    their first kiss. It was still exciting to watch. ?

  20. Stefan needs someone like caroline because he and elena were perfect but
    after that he never had love, but elena got damon so he deserves to be so
    happy with caroline!?

  21. I can’t even. Oh my god, I keep replaying this because of #Steroline. Like
    ugh. They are so cute. I’ve always wondered if they brung up the time he
    rejected her, because if they talk about it, it would be so perfect if he
    admitted rejecting her was the biggest mistake of his life. This is how
    love happens. It starts off as a friendship, then keeps blossoming. What
    better way is their to fall in love with your bestfriend? I’ve always
    shipped them. I can’t wait til this episode. Thursday just come already.
    ?????????? ?

  22. Owwww we need to say bye bye to Jeremy. I heard he’ll be leaving the show.
    :( Ugh happy for steroline but I also miss Stelena. I also miss Bonnie, and
    Rick, where the hell are you????? Oh, I forgot to mention Klaus, I also
    miss Klauroline. Lol And Damon ofcourse, such a bad ass! Pretty man
    forever. Excited to this episode. Love from the Philippines!!?

  23. People complaining about how no guy/girl can stay “friends”…this show is
    about love/mythology like go watch Friends if you wanna see a friend show
    so bad
    also..caroline/enzo bonnie/damon elena/matt etc there are plenty
    friendships you just want to complain about something ?

  24. OMG… am i dreaming??? i had been waiting these moment for so much time
    and now i am starting to believe that is a dream… but they shouldnt show
    the kiss in the promoo.. where is the sorprise?? but i dont care
    finally…. i hope the writters dont ruin it … because now delena is so
    boring… in season 1 i love elena but now i dont so much the character is
    anoying… i love nina D.. is only the character… ?

  25. I really don’t understand why Jeremy, Matt and Tyler have been neglected so
    much this season. They have barely had any story lines to themselves. One
    thing that I think is inevitable is Tyler triggering the curse, whether it
    be this season or next season but it has to happen.?

  26. Are we really gonna dedicate a whole episode to Jeremy leaving? His
    character get super annoying this season. I was hoping he would just peace
    off without a word in the night.?

  27. Suprisingly i actually liked episode the last episode, well atleast the
    Bonnie parts. But i do find it really strange that in their own mind they
    already saved Bonnie and now Jeremy is leaving to artschool before she
    actually gets back home? I get that they should move on with their lives or
    whatever, but shouldnt he atleast wait til Bonnie gets home to see that she
    is actually okay? Or the writers could have make Bonnie come back next
    thursday, but since she’s not in the episode, im guessing she wont return.
    Im not even a Beremy shipper, but seriously this i kinda stupid. And at the
    end of episode 13, everyone acted like Bonnie was okay and everything was
    peachy, this was the one thing that bothered me in the episode. Cause it
    was clear that Bonnie wasnt okay, cmon the girl was few seconds away from
    killing herself.?

    gosh!! 😀 I can’t even… MY FEELS.. :DDD AJSDJSJCNRJAPWKDJRCKK..?

  29. thank god after 2 season (from 4×19) we have steroline ,the only reason
    still watching this nosense is Stefan(and defan bond) ,,Katherine is dead
    :@ Klaus is gone ,they destroyed that epic love of Stelena they made us
    believe 3 seasons :S i only want Stefan move on and be happy ! 6 seasons
    Stefan and Bonnie are always in pain * come on!!!!?

  30. what is more relatable then falling in love with your best friend…
    nothing, at least not on this show. bash my ship and I’ll just laugh cause
    my OTP is being canon and you are just being bitter. ?

  31. I can’t believe they showed the steroline kiss in the promo????, it’s suppose
    to be this huge surprise!! For me, stefan and caroline kissing would be the
    most epic and greatest thing that happened in TVD, and they decide to spoil
    Anyway, I’m still so excited, it finally happening?????

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