The Vampire Diaries 6×12 Season 6 Episode 12 Promo [HD]

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11 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×12 Season 6 Episode 12 Promo [HD]

  1. Life’s too short? She’s a freaking vampire. Elena is so stupid it makes me
    laugh. Where the hell is Bonnie?! All they want to focus on is stupid
    Delena cycle. I thought season 6 was actually going to be good. ?

  2. you know this memory loss thing is kind of the best thing to happen to
    delena. they’re kind of starting over with as clean a start as they’re ever
    gonna get. and you get to see elena fall in love with damon without feeling
    bad about it. hopefully the relationship will be a little healthier this
    time around. i’ll kill myself before i go through another round of season 5
    “i love you but” and “you’re to good for me” like gag me with a freaking
    spoon no. #freebonnie?

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