The Vampire Diaries 6×09 Promo – I Alone [HD]

Song: Sin Shake Sin – Can’t Go To Hell The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 Promo/Preview “I Alone” “I Alone” Official Description: A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL — Damon (Ian Somerhalder)…

147 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×09 Promo – I Alone [HD]

  1. Honestly i loved the TVD tonight. This new story-line with Kai is amazing.
    I think he might the best villain of the TVD also loved the Stefan
    +Caroline stuff. ?

  2. Okay seriously fuck Tvd, the only reason I was watching was because of
    Bonnie, and I actually thought the writers would stop treating her like a
    dog this season but no, she got stabbed again, after she suffered so much
    this season(not that she didn’t suffer in the other seasons because boy she
    did) and the promo is still about Delena. And what was with the Elena Damon
    scene where she wants him to help her find Bonnie? That sounds as if Damon
    saves Bonnie AGAIN just for Elena. Writers nice job using the misery of the
    purest character on the show for a freaking romance between two other
    characters. Also how come that Kai was trapped so long in 1994 and
    discovered now that his sister put her magic into a knife? This show is
    just poorly written and that was my last episode. Bye.?

  3. Wait that’s Kai killing his father he’s alive
    When bonnie comes back to the land of the living she better get her revenge
    #teambonnie ?

  4. So i just read this on Tumblr
    “So Stefan told Elena “I loved you so I wanted to tell you everything.” And
    then he had a look of realization.

    Right after that he goes over to Caroline and tells her everything. He
    confesses with complete sincerity why he acted the way he did.”
    I see what you did there Julie Plec?

  5. Thanks god that idiot Liam guy is out of the picture for now…He looked so
    Gay and don’t misunderstand I don’t hate Gays but they are not supposed to
    be with girls :P?

  6. I hate how in the end of 6×08 elena almost made it look like she wants
    Bonnie back just to ask her advice about her relationship. I seriously hope
    when Bonnie is back the writers wont make Bonnie give elena’s memories
    back. That just proves that Bonnie is being used. Elena made her decision
    to erease her memories, so she should deal with the consequences. Ofc she
    didnt know that Alaric will become human, but still. I would hate to see
    Bonnie once again help her friends, i want her to do something for her, not
    for someone else, like she has done from season 1!?

  7. I really think Damon and Elena are boring. And I hope Stefan doesn’t give
    into Caroline because one person feels more than the other. And Bonnie
    should finally come back! Kai is an interesting character but i don’t
    really look at him as the villain. I feel like sth is missing. But I’m glad
    the Delena thing is over or taking an hiatus, that’s why I’m watching
    again. ?

  8. Love the last episode so funny with the Steroline comments between Damon
    and Alaric. I used to be a #Stelena fan, but sadly even I know its not
    going to happen anymore. And honestly, Damon and Elena are so good
    together! :) But now I’m a total #steroline fan. I think they are so cute
    together and who doesn’t want to fall in love with their best friend?
    Especially one that looks like Stefan 😉 Now the only thing that would make
    this perfect is Bonnie returning and her and Jeremy together. ?

  9. Alright, I just need to say that Liam has such a cute walk!

    But anyway, what was his purpose? I call him Aaron Whitmore part 2 because
    he was extremely pointless and no one cared about him leaving the
    picture…unless he’s really a vervained vampire hunter and was playing
    along…that’ll be a twist. But I feel like they just ruined Liam’s
    Thanksgiving and sent him packing.

    The BonKai!! Man, that stab was a low blow. Bonnie gets stabbed a lot in
    1994-land, maybe she can’t die there and Kai knows it. But not to give Kai
    excuses or anything, the guy was obviously raised by a fucken douche so I
    get his issues. His father was a piece of work. Instead of trying for a new
    spell to keep Kai there he just tries to kill his daughter. He needs

    I loved every BonKai scene, that guy is about to be the death of me. The
    way he said “I’m cooking you dinner.” *shivers* Bonnie’s gotten a little
    darker and she’s been stabbing him up too without hesitation, maybe that
    can be their thing. But if the writers don’t go there they are missing out
    on a big opportunity!

    I liked how that one little Delena moment happened. It was nice and sweet.
    I’m happy Elena is gonna look for Bonnie, but shouldn’t they invite
    Caroline this time? Delena did this in season 5 already.

    Steroline. I am just so happy watching Stefan come to terms with how he
    feels for her. They’re so cute and perfect and when he emphasizes the fact
    that he pushed her away the most, doesn’t it just seem like something
    clicked between them???! Or was that just me?

    Now, isn’t it weird that Forwood is just all there together and civil and
    crushing on different people. They made a reference to Daroline but not
    Forwood?? Weird…I think its crazy how Caroline just dates/has something
    with people and then its forgotten and never spoken of again. (Matt, Tyler,

    All in all, good eppy. 6×07 is still my fave!!?

  10. Okay, so I’ve read all the comments and… Am I the only one who thinks
    it’s weird Bonnie hasn’t mentioned Jeremy once since the beginning of the
    season, when all he’s been doing was talking about her? I mean I get it she
    got other shit to deal with, but still…?

  11. OH God poor Bonnie she’s been killed so many times in just one season, no,
    in just 8 episodes ahahahaah….But Finally, my babe Damon is going to get
    her out of there!..hopefully! i’m just mad, that i have to wait until my
    birthday to watch it…Well, seeing Bonnie getting out of there, will be a
    very good present!…Still waiting for Delenaaa!!?

  12. Ugh. She should just get that memory of hers back already, because the
    whole repeating history so she can fall back for him again is straight up
    annoying. So hum… Kai is back to life? Love his storyline. With his
    siblings and all; very interesting.?

  13. I love the Damon and Elena moment, especially when he touched here face. I
    see a kiss coming. I have a good feeling Delena is back!?

  14. Tonight’s episode was really good and exciting; I haven’t enjoyed one of
    TVD’s episodes so much in a long time. There was one thing about last
    night’s episode that did bothered me. Elena said that she doesn’t feel
    anything for Damon, but…even though Elena got a little bit of her
    memories back shouldn’t have some feelings towards him romantically instead
    of some lustful attraction? This is my prediction: Stefan and Caroline
    might give it a try, BUT Caroline is going to like Stefan more than he’s
    going to like her or his feelings for her are NOT going to be genuine as he
    thinks. Caroline might feel like she’s going to have to compete with Elena
    and think Stefan still has feelings for Elena (you never know with TVD) and
    that’s how they’re going to break up. Damon and Elena, I am not entirely
    sure about this one, but I don’t think they’re going to get back together
    because of the way they’re going….maybe til the ending. They’re trying to
    get DE fans so hyped up for nothing, they spoil so much shit between DE and
    they made it so clear that matter how much they fight they’re never going
    to be destined. They bring all of this shit between them even SE didn’t
    have all of this shit going on. ?

  15. And they say Stelena fans are being petty… Fact is, this week’s epi had
    better ratings because, last week had the kiss on the rain, and that’s
    where Elena dumped Liam. So once again, Delena bitches showed their true
    colors and how pathetic they could be when things don’t go their ways. Now
    prepare for the anti-Delena wave crashing and burning this poor excuse of a
    show if things go as I always suspected. More Delena crap shoved right into
    our stomach, with the only difference that writers will try to make it look
    more believable… Whatever that means.?

  16. Im sorry but I just don’t see it. In season 5 I’ve seen how damon has
    changed and elena has changed and I like delena for that. But as for being
    in love…maybe for now but definetly not for ever. I don’t ship Stelena
    either but I like their frienship way more then I Delena relationship.?

  17. Ugh! Every time I start to get the Bamon feels, they shove Delena down your
    throat. Don’t get me wrong, I was #teamdelena for a while but it starts to
    get kind of annoying. Damon does something stupid, tells Elena how bad he
    is for her, she begs him to stay, they’re back lovey dovey and then it
    happens all over again. Its time for something new. And the chemistry
    between Ian and Kat on the show is everything! #Bamon till the end!?

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