The Vampire Diaries 6×09 End Ending Damon/Elena ‘Bonnie Is alone there’ Bonnie Breaks Down Crying

51 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 6×09 End Ending Damon/Elena ‘Bonnie Is alone there’ Bonnie Breaks Down Crying

  1. Bonnie , baby please don’t cry awwww . Alaric and Tyler can both go to hell
    and take those two bitches they chose over BONNIE BENNETT the ONE PERSON
    who always risked her happiness for everyone and brought their asses back
    with them, Liv & Jo can fuck off; I by no means is a Kai fan but I hope he
    chases them to the ends of the freaking earth.

    Just read a *SPOILER* Bonnie will be back in the Christmas
    Episode/Mid-Season Finale (if you’ve seen the photos of her and Elena
    outside at a Holiday party) you know what I’m talking about but ….. its a
    FREAKING FLASHBACK (So truly done with this shit) – a flashback really so
    she doesn’t even get the joy of experiencing the Holidays now, such
    bullshit. And oh yeah, Jeremy’s screen time apparently will be spent
    reliving Bonnie memories mostly Christmas ones.

    Someone had an idea on Twitter (that I like) – Bonnie finds out that Alaric
    and Tyler chose those two broads over her, so she goes dark and teams with
    Kai against them and they be the villains of this season ….. (also
    implied by Chris Wood (Kai) and Julie Plec – Kai will develop feelings for
    Bonnie or have a crush on her at some point) -down for it, she needs some

    I hope Damon gets to tell Alaric’s ass a thing or two about why he did it
    and he feels guilty as hell same goes for Tyler’s ole I need to chase down
    Klaus a man who doesn’t give a damn about me to get some revenge WHICH I
    KNEW I couldn’t win; over my girlfriend , but now I put a new bitch over my
    friend who saved me and needed me not to be a dumbass for once and treat
    her better than I ever treated my ex- ass- ,Caroline needs to vamp up
    and beat his ass for choosing that annoying ass broad over Bonnie, OK, rant
    over now LOL.?

  2. Ok, I am not gonna talk about how sad and heart-wrenching this scene is,
    because honestly, you guys have already said it all. I was a complete mess
    and screaming at my TV when Bonnie was once again left out in the cold. She
    is by far my favorite female character, and as much as I am pissed at how
    Bonnie is treated, I am kinda so proud of her because she is the strongest,
    most beautiful, pure character on TVD. But I kinda hope she goes a bit dark
    when she gets back. It would be interesting.
    I am not anti-Delena, I am ex Delena shipper, still kind of have a soft
    spot for them. But I didn’t like them together in season 5, the constant
    “on-again, off-again” drama kind of ruined them for me. And I am really
    irritated that Elena is so self-centred, so I was really glad when Damon
    made clear that him wanting Bonnie back has nothing to do with Elena. I
    really enjoy their relationship this season, they are just beautiful. I saw
    the potential from the start, season 1, and it’s been a way to long
    journey, but it was worth it. Damon and Bonnie have created such a strong,
    unbreakable bond that is threatening to overshadow many great friendships
    on this show. Have you noticed the way Damon’s eyes lit up when he said
    “Let’s go get her” and Elena’s bewildered face? Have you noticed the pain
    on his face when he sad that she is all alone. Should I remind you that in
    spite of their hostility for one another, Damon always seemed to be the
    only one that appreciates Bonnie saving his life. Never missed a chance to
    thank her. Damon always had respect for her, no one can deny it. I’d say he
    even liked her more than he let on. And I really hated the scene of Damon
    making pancakes for Elena. That’s Bamon’s thing!!!!! I was all like “back
    off Elena, Bonnie is the one supposed to eat it”! ;)?

  3. Why aren’t these characters using common sense? It’s like they’re missing a
    few brain cells.

    If Elena was concerned about her best friend’s welfare, and had used her
    “SMARTS” to rescue Bonnie in quick order, she would’ve rushed to the
    nearest car (after receiving Bonnie’s phone call), asked Damon to hot-wire
    it for her, and had both Damon and herself meet Bonnie half-way. That’s
    what a SMART and CONCERNED individual would’ve done. Instead, both Elena
    and Damon wasted precious time reminiscing about the past. If anyone here
    had the opportunity to rescue a relative or friend, who’d been reported
    missing or dead, would you sit around and wait for that person to meet you
    or would you get into your car and get to him/her as soon as possible?

    And that question applies to Jeremy, Alaric, Tyler and Stefan. They are
    told that a friend, who was reported dead, has been found ALIVE. Why
    weren’t they trying to find a way to get to her? This is their
    friend, their girlfriend. This is someone they’re purported to care about.
    They’ve just been told that she is ALIVE. ALIVE! And they do nothing! Never
    mind what Bonnie has done for them in the past…where the FUCK is the
    basic concern for another human being.?

  4. I want Bonnie to come back and continue her FRIENDSHIP with Damon and with
    her bad experience in 1994 cause her to go semi-dark and she gets a better
    understanding on why Damon was always so “Bad” and his “badness” rubs off
    on her and they become a dynamic bad-ass best-friend kind of relationship
    where he would jkill moutains of people to save her and she would overuse
    her magic to protect him. “Bamon” can be a serious friendship. The reason i
    say friendship is because you don’t normally get “male/female Friendships”
    on this show without the writers making them fall in love or already been
    in love. Caroline and Stefan had a dope friendship in season 5, when they
    were laying down in that car and how she was looking at him, that was a
    “moment”. NOT a relationship moment. But a “If anything was to happen to
    him, i would kill someone” type moment. A BEST-FRIEND moment. I feel like
    ANY relationship the writers create become stale and i rather watch paint
    dry. I don’t think there was a single relationship i liked.?

  5. Alaric you’re a DICK ! And I ain’t even much about Damon but because of
    BONNIE you ungrateful SOB! I just.. why is he back?why is his useless
    selfish ass back? You owe everything to Bonnie you dumbfuck .. you didn’t
    even care about getting your BFF out before the other side collapsed
    instead your selfish ass crossed over Bonnie causing her pain to do idk
    what. So much for friend of the year then we talk about Damon! (See Lexi
    example to what A REAL FRIEND DOES)Then didn’t lift a finger to try and
    find a way to get Damon back just drinking then felt he had the right to
    call Stefan million different things even implying he didn’t care enough
    for Damon not like he did EVEN THOUGH STEFAN was the one who spent MONTHS
    going to different witches and shit to the end of the world to find answers
    until he got none because THERE WAS NO WAY TO GET DAMON BACK from their
    position while ALARDICK did nothing the whole 4 months his so called BFF
    died just be useless and complain and feel entitled as shit towards
    Stefan!. All Damon has done is be GRATEFUL to the ONE person yall owe your
    lives to! None of them do nothing for her and when Alaric comes along is
    like it’s asking him too much. Whenever he wants, the way he wants it at
    his time . He ain’t even try helping! Then Damon has to compel his
    imcopetent ass no wonder . SO STFU ALARIC AND BACK THE FUCK DOWN because it
    is embarrassing what your doing you don’t deserve that second chance in
    living you really dont. God I swear he’s the character I HATE the most in
    all TVD.?

  6. I want to thank you for all your help
    Cause you’re on to me, you’re on to me I know
    You tell me all the bad things I didn’t know about myself
    Yes, you’re on to me, you’re on to me I know


  7. This is messed up! I’m like watching this and thinking: TYLER! I BLOODY
    HATE YOU! I mean, is anyone thinking this right about now?:
    ‘Bonnie never did anything to deserve this.’
    Now Bonnie may be thinking:
    ‘Why did I ever get mixed up with vampires! To hell with them.’
    And her grandma (Where ever she is) is thinking:
    ‘My baby, my poor baby.’?

  8. I’m not one to promote violence, but NOW I see why JP supposedly received
    death threats. The way she continuously goes out of her way to punish &
    torture this one character over & over & over again is sheer INSANITY.
    Plec’s writing style for Bonnie can only be motivated by pure HATRED. I
    mean seriously, how else can she justify the constant state of misery
    forced upon Bonnie. Perhaps every show has that one character that always
    gets the short end of the stick but this is beyond overdoing it. It’s
    gotten to the point where Bonnie is completely stripped of everything and
    everyone she holds dear. She’s sacrificed more than anyone on the show &
    yet still JP thinks up endless ways to OBLITERATE her. I can’t imagine
    that Bonnie’s portrayer, Kat G, isn’t affected on some level by having her
    character be the constant “whipping boy” of the show. Can you just picture
    how depressed Kat must be to come to work, knowing that her & her
    fan-base’s hopes for Bonnie are continually demolished by a writer who
    refuses to write responsibly for the only ethnic character in the cast.
    JP throws caution to the wind when it comes to the obvious differences in
    how she writes for the other characters on the show. She clearly doesn’t
    give a DAMN that she runs the risk of looking racist, does she? Doesn’t she
    realize the HUGE responsibility she has, in this politically correct world
    we live in, to write a decent story for the only black actor on the
    show. Jeez! Its not that difficult to be inspired to write good stuff for
    an ethnic character…esp. when the actor is as visually stunning &
    intriguing as Kat is…she could be my muse any day. Besides, hasn’t she
    exhausted the use of her favs yet? I mean, COME ON, 6 seasons in, isn’t it
    high time she developed Bonnie, Matt & Jeremy more? UGH! You suck JP, you
    truly suck! ?

  9. From season 1-5 I really didn’t like Damon and I hated the idea of him and
    Elena being together but ever since Elena got her memories wiped shes been
    more smart, and her and Damon relationship are finally more then a sex
    scene and I LOVE it…Damon finally did something out of his heart and
    Alaric really pissed me off like get over yourself…You wouldn’t even be
    smashing that girl if it wasn’t for Bonnie, and it seems like the only
    people who are really trying to get Bonnie back is Elena and Damon (I
    really like Elena and Damon characters this season), As for Stefan, he’s
    just not the same he only cared about bringing back his brother…Jeremy is
    just whining like SHUTUP and man up and try to do something… BONNIE IS MY
    #BringBackBonnie ?

  10. This time Damon didn’t deserve that punch. He was doing this because it was
    the right thing to do, not because of ulterior motives, he was being
    grateful and i wanted to hug him for that (and that is a lot considering
    how anoying he can be sometimes) while Ric was doing nothing and apparently
    forgot that Bonnie was all alone with a crazy creepy (and hell yeah!…kind
    of sexy) guy, beside whom bring him back from the other side? whom actually
    give him the opportunity to meet Ko?… Bonnie. And where the heck is
    Jeremy? o_0? it seems ti me that he kind of made this about himself. Come
    on! all these start when Bonnie bring Jeremy back to life (kind of a ripple
    effect) and Bonnie was also hurt qhen Jeremy died but that does not stop
    her from trying. Bonnie uses her hurt as reason to fight for him and her
    friends. Bonnie has NEVER given up hope on him or his sister.. T_T! poor

  11. Tears rolling down my eyes.. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO BONNIE. WHY
    Please.. Please.. Bonnie.?

  12. That awkward moment when Damon is the one who tries to save Bonnie..Not
    Alaric, not Stefan, not Tyler, not Jeremy. From all the guys it is Damon. I
    really started to like him this season. And his relationship with Elena is
    like…more interesting. I hate Tyler he was always a jerk and I really dont
    get Alaric I hope he will get his shit together?

  13. Dear Alaric and especially Tyler, go fuck yourselves. Choosing 2 women that
    you barely know over the woman who saved your ass constantly. Tyler never
    put Caroline above many stuff, but he does so with this stupid ass new
    girlfriend? Like, how am I supposed to buy that, Julie Plec??

  14. All these people are trash. She’s saved every single one of them at least
    once, some scores of times at this point. They should be breaking their
    backs to bring her back. I hope when she comes back she gives them all the
    proverbial middle finger and let’s them rot in hell whenever they run into
    trouble. Her face at 1:39 is heart-wrenching.?

  15. Kai is definitely the devil. He isn’t like Klaus used to be, where he has a
    bit of sympathy. No. If the writers create sympathy for someone who was
    willing to kill his 4 year old siblings, then I’m done. The only reason I’m
    still watching is for Steroline and Bamon. ?

  16. Tyler is officially trash to me, I swear. He’s never really served a
    purpose on the show, but somehow was able to recieve more onscreen time
    than Bonnie, a character whose actually likeable and served a purpose
    (abeit as a plot device for most of the show’s seasons) but recieves very
    little screentime, only to be pulled out whenever the others need a hero or
    savior. She sacrfices so much, and recieves so little. I am so done with
    the Vampire Diaries blatant racism towards minorities. The same goes for
    Luke, who also serves no purpose, even during storylines that revolve
    around him! What is the point of even having minority characters on your
    show, Julie? You do nothing with them anyway…. If Kevin Williamson was
    still on the show’s staff, Julie would never get away with this stuff….?

  17. Alaric and Tyler putting Jo and Liv over Bonnie is so beyond me.. I mean
    Bonnie flawless Bennett brought you back from the other side and was left
    in some dimension with a sociopath Kai… and all they want is those
    attention seeking bitches like comeon They both can go and die in hell
    tbh…so freaking pissed !!!?

  18. to quote someone on tumblr: ‘This is literally laughable at this point.
    “Yeah, Damon. You’re are real dick for getting left behind to try a help
    Liz in the Grill. You’re a real dick, Damon, for doing whatever you can to
    save Bonnie after she saved you. You’re just a real dick for putting
    someone who scarified her life to give me a second chance at mine before my
    new-unbarel- know-her-sexy-doctor-witch girlfriend. How. Dare. You?”’?

  19. I officially don’t like Alaric in this season. And I’ve never liked Tyler
    so, screw you. I feel so sorry for Bonnie, how can they do this to her? I
    mean they supposed to be her friends, don’t they?! ?

  20. Aw poor Bonnie and poor Damon he wanted bonnie back so bad and now Kai ‘s
    on the loose in mystic falls, Bonnies still trapped in 1994, Alaric hates
    Damon, Elena as always just Had to make every thing About her Selfish girl.

  21. I’m honestly getting tired & annoyed of all this whole “Bonnie not getting
    back home crap”. The poor girl is always sacrificing herself for others. I
    feel like Damon & maybe Elena are the only one’s trying to really get her
    back. Jeremy’s out there being a drunk man-whore, instead of having hope &
    fighting for “his girl”. Let’s just skip this BS & bring our girl Bonnie
    back so she can kick some serious witch magic ass. I just want her to beat
    the hell out of Kia, Jo, Liv, & Luke, & be all like, Thanks for nothing
    BITCHES! >:D
    But seriously just bring her back already, because this scene just melted
    my & others hearts. ?

  22. Watching Bonnie being constantly stamped on breaks my heart, just what is
    Julie Plec’s motive behind this kind of treatment for a character who has
    so selflessly given up so much for her so called ‘friends’ i hate to play
    the race card because i don’t know what this is all really about, but
    seeing the only ethnic main character constantly being the one who draws
    the short stick is so frustrating the writers have literally just turned
    Bonnie into a little servant, a quick fix when her so called friends need
    help. What is Julie Plec’s message? that the only main ethnic character on
    this show is just good for being a servant running around do her master’s
    bidding. People might say it’s a show and Bonnie is just a character but
    it’s the message behind all this that is actually quite saddening.?

  23. 1. Fuck you, dear writers, for trying to force Delena on us. I mean, am I
    supposed to buy, that someone who answered the question “Who is Damon” with
    “a monster”, is getting all lovey-dovey again? Sooooo tired of this on/off
    2. Could you not make all the cute Bamon moments about Elena and Damon? The
    pnacakes, Damon telling Elena that he came for Bonnie and not for her?
    3. Stop having erveryone behave so out-of-character? Season 1-Elena would
    have never just stood there and wait for Bonnie with her kind-of boyfriend
    while leisurely making pancakes..
    Also: Bonnie got stabbed, twice. So she has got to be in pain and maybe
    suffer from blood loss, but then again, it’s not like anyone cares….and
    as for for the writers are doing to Enzo: I absolutely adored him last
    season, he was evil, but he had that season 1-Damon charm…So much
    potential wasted on a stupid revenge thing, that does not make any sense. I
    hope the fire Julie Plec and hire some new writers to get this show away
    from all the love drama and soap opera bull and back to the exciting, kind
    of dark action-packed vampire show, that got me watching in the first

  24. I get Alaric wants to protect his NEW girlfriend, BUT she is NOT apart of
    ‘The Fold’ yet. To me, ‘The Fold’ is the group that contains: Bonnie,
    Elena, Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, Tyler, and Sherif
    Forbes. These people have gone through hell and back together since the
    start of the series and must always try to protect one another. I get Damon
    betrayed Alaric’s trust (which was bad) but it was for BONNIE. AKA The
    reason why you even have a new girlfriend! The reason you’re even

  25. This was SO damn sad!! Don’t worry Bonnie, Damon and Elena will find a way
    to get you back,even if no one else gives a rats ass! ?

  26. Oh my God, Bonnie dont cry. My poor baby! Tyler and Alaric are both
    ungrateful asses. They are horrible friends here.
    Also, does anyone else think these new witches are kind of weak and
    pathetic? I mean, they are not Bennett witches, but still, they are
    WITCHES…shouldn’t they be stronger?
    Also, who here thinks Liv is a replacement witch for Bonnie??

  27. Damon understands the sacrifice that Bonnie has made for all of them. He
    knows that Bonnie deserves to be saved. He knows how important and selfless
    she is. He cares that she’s all alone. but alaric and tyler don’t even
    think about that.. they both chose a girl they just met over someone who
    has protected them over and over again and chose their happiness over her
    own… THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING. delena is my number one priority on the
    show but bonnie deserves to be happy. ?

  28. I really wish someone would cut bonnie a break now. Seriously? If this was
    elena everyone would be using every second to rescue her but cause its
    binnie they must prolong it when she comes back she should juat take
    caroline, bonnie and damin amd move far away. Elena is a really shit when i
    think about it as well she only cares when it suits her. C’mon plec it cant
    be bonnie saves everyone all the time. And one moee think fuxk tyler
    urjabejendjwkd the hell.?

  29. It’s sad to see Bonnie’s friends not willing to save her, but yet Damon is.
    I’m sensing we’ll get a dark selfish Bonnie this season when she returns.?

  30. My favorites is bonnie ,rebekah, carolina and jeremy and wtf is going on
    with bonnie why she outside the house crying?????

  31. Anyway! love Damon’s speech, the way Bonnie was trying so hard to stay
    strong and the song Lost by Kris Allen. Kat and Ian really rock! and love
    their perfomances.?

  32. I honestly cannot stand Tyler and Alaric.They put these random ass women
    that they’ve known for like days before Bonnie, who they have known for
    years. They know damn well of all the things she has done for them. All she
    has sacrificed. Alaric punches Damon, who is literally the only one even
    giving a single shit about Bonnie. Doesn’t make sense and it blows my
    mind. ?

  33. This is what I have been saying for years. NONE OF THEM value the
    sacrifices Bonnie has made for them. It is really sad that the one
    character Bonnie fought with for years is the one behind bringing her back!
    I am angry that Caroline didn’t help more, at least she SHOWS us how much
    she loves Bonnie.

    Alaric and Tyler can both go to hell with gasoline draws. If it weren’t for
    Bonnie they would be gone…permanently!

    I hope she comes back and tells them all to fuck off, minus Damon and
    Caroline. ?

  34. After all i see all comment about Elena every eps.. Elena reputation is a
    discreasing all the way.. I just… Don’t know.., even her face and all her
    feeling are just sucks. I More like Katherine than Elena… But she’s died.
    Nina besties character is died, Julie should see Elena clear. She should be
    a good character in tvd, becoz from the beginning of TVD is all about Elena
    life story. ?

  35. He wasn’t doing it for Elena he was doing for bonnie she give up her life
    to bring Jeremy and come back as the anchor to the otherside ?

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