The Vampire Diaries 4×21 Elena Gets Her Humanity/Emotions Back scene

the vampire diaries 4×21 elena gets her humanity back scene I DO NOT OWN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ITS THE PROPERTY OF Warner Bros Tv and The CW NETWORK. ALL RIGHT…

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 4×21 Elena Gets Her Humanity/Emotions Back scene

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  2. i had that too. i was like : ”NO!” my heart stopped and then i thought about jeremy giving the ring to him a while? ago.

  3. In the final moments of this scene, I seriously thought that she was going to get back with Stefan. They had a moment. But it’s okay, they’ll get back together eventually when they? find their way back to each other.

  4. This is great. Look how Damon helps her but then the whole magic happens with Stefan. I know that you do not agree with me but I watch that part and the song starts and I am thrilled and I am about to cry.That’s? a great feeling.

  5. Making Matt put on the ring and killing him so he could come back is all kinds of wrong.? How the fuck is that okay? Did they not learn from Jeremy AND Alaric!

  6. Did anyone else’s heart stop when this first happened? My life was so about to be over if Matt? was really dead.

  7. Seeing as Damon never went through what Elena is going through, but Stefan did, is ONE of the main reasons he knew what to do. Damon got her humanity back, by making her believe Matt was dead, Stefan is the one who calmed her down.? Just sit back and enjoy the show damet.

  8. Its not like he did it just for the fun of it, he did it to get her humanity back. He knew how to do it, and he was the only one who would? have been able to do it.

  9. Its not like? he did it just for the fun of it, he did it to get her humanity back. He knew how to do it, and he was the only one who would have been able to do it.

  10. I will never understand Elena’s haters. She suffered loads and is unhappy with her life. Well some people can’t tolerate people like Elena who are a bit weak than others. They just prefer strong ones like Katherine and Damon or others. Personally? I like Elena. She’s cool. I don’t care what she done to Stefan and Damon because everyone is doing bad and good things. This is not the reason why hall personality should be measured just because of the guys.

  11. After this season I don’t care what he agreed with or not. For some reason I prefer Stefan’s why but I don’t care about? anything that happens on TVD. I am only wondering what will Elena and Damon do when they find out that Stefan disapeared. You like Damon’s way and it really doesn’t matter what I think. I’d rather not talk about it because I’m bored to death about debate about this what Stefan and Damon did or not. They both did bad and good things. End of story.

  12. how the fuck else was he supposed to get ehr to feel? Stefan obviously agreed? with it so you just contradicted yourself.

  13. Since JP likes to? screw with the Delena fandom I wouldn’t be surprised. I think both ships are strong. DE overcame the sb which was very annoying and seemed very hard to overcome

  14. I like to watch Stelena’s love because it seems really good. I would like to experience love like this. It was one of my favourite? relationships in all of the shows. It was phenomanel and Delena doesn’t seem so strong, I think that it is matter of time before they will break up. It depends what Julie Plec will come up with. She is messing up this shows. I think that in books Stefan and Elena were together all the time. Plec messed up this relationship.

  15. This scene proves that Stefan is better for her than Damon who would just hurt someone she cares in order to take what he wants. He might want to help but it was just cruelty. Bad Damon is returning? very slowly.

  16. How could Damon do something like this? He shouldn’t? turn his humanity in the first place and there are different ways to deal with loss of loved one. I don’t think if Damon knows it. I prefer Stefan’s way and respect.

  17. Yeah I wonder when exactly if ever Damon filled Stefan in on his plan before snapping Matt’s neck.?

  18. Also Klaus’s and Stefan’s scene :) when he compelled him to turn his emotion? off so its Delena – Stelena in same scene .

  19. Please look at my “what if..(someone’s name) ? died” videos..
    It is basically what I think it would be like if that person? died. I have done, Elena,Bonnie,Caroline,Matt,Reb­ekah,Liz, Tyler and Klaus.

  20. I don’t care if Stefan and Elena will get back together but only Stefan knew what to do? when emotions overwhelmed Elena.

  21. Damon did the? kill and only Katherine knew it; Stephen was surprisedwhen he sag that matt where’s the ring

  22. Every time i watch this scene as soon as? the moment damon tells elena that “it was a good thing he was wearing this ring” in paralell of elena’s humanity returning i always get goosebumps no matter how many times i watch this part.

  23. how is that fake love? She confessed to Damon she loves him. Their love isn’t fake.? Neither is Stelena’s love.

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