The Vampire Diaries 4×07 FULL DAMON & ELENA DANCE & LOVE SCENE.

The Vampire Diaries 4×07 FULL DAMON & ELENA DANCE & LOVE SCENE. I do not own anything all rights go to The CW.

52 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 4×07 FULL DAMON & ELENA DANCE & LOVE SCENE.

  1. Elena is a? grimy, homie hoppin’, no BROTHER hoppin’ whore. She deserves neither of them. #Teamsalvatorebrothers

  2. Please look at my “what if..(someone’s name) ? died” videos..
    It is basically what I think it would be like if that person died. I have done, Elena,Bonnie,Caroline,Matt,Reb­ekah,Liz, Tyler and Klaus.?

  3. uuh that bitch deserves worse, but her character is so idk AMAZING that i don’t want hr to get killed.
    and i don’t know why i think SOMEBODY will want to protect her as she is human and “vulnerable”
    maybe klaus will use her for more? hybrids?


  4. Tranquila, tu ingles? no esta mal y perdon por mi español :)
    Si yo tambien espero que tengamos una temporada llena de Delena feliz pero lo dudo.. Asi que disfrutemos de ellos ahora!!

  5. i cried, not nly for them, gosh the season finale left me wanting for more!! sorry for my english, i actually speak spanish

    anyway, hope writers don’t ruin elena’s decition for at least the? hole 5th season!

  6. Was it necessary for Stefan and Caroline to have a conversation and ruin Elena and Damon’s beautiful? moment?

  7. I also hate that fucking music at the end. Who the hell cares if Damon and Elena have a sire bond. They? should have kept that song by Ed Sheeran playing in the final D + E scene.

  8. I was just giving my opinion, not everyone has to agree with it :)
    If you want to know my point, no off course the entire series doesn’t revolve around that for me, but that’s kind of the story line for the moment, and yes SE weren’t complete happy either but at least they got one episode, even more. DE haven’t gotten one, have they? So yes that’s my opinion, thanks for sharing your thoughts? with me :)

  9. I want a happy DE episode too but the entire series doesn’t revolve around it for me…I’m sure we’ll get to that, there are still two more seasons to come! But if DE truly is the only interesting thing about TVD? for you than I do think you’re still going to be disappointed a lot. Beside that I just wanted to point out…SE weren’t perfectly happy together either. They weren’t even together for the entire third season and had all sorts of bumps along the way too, have you forgotten that already?

  10. i don remembr damon askin elena 2 push him against the? wall or rip his shirt off
    fuk de sire bond……..i don giv a dam if its true ………..DE..XD

  11. Honestly we have been waiting three seasons for this and they? cant even have a full scene it has to revolve around the blonde stuck up bimbo and the possessive ex and their magic revelation

  12. DErs never give up. Because we don’t want quick, we don’t want easy. That’s a SE thing. DE is hard,? it’s slow, and it’s worth it. DELENA <3

  13. Agreed, we’re officially a team now!!! But I’m afraid people are going to think that we’re obsessed if we start killing the writers :)
    Still if they don’t give us that episode and make another gap someone will need to hold me back or else writers die…? Haha lol xp

  14. If you want to kill them I’m so with you!!!! And than we start writing and make? happen Delena and every other ship 😉

  15. she is just like katherine!!!!! if her fellings for damon have? been more intense since she became a vampire then she has been? manupulating stefan from the start of season 4!!!!!!!!:(:( Very bad Elena :(

  16. Yeah hopefully at the end of the final season we’ll have a couple episodes of true happiness.
    And maybe some in? the meantime. To keep us from killing the writers.

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