The Vampire Diaries 3×19 – Elena Kisses Damon(Motel Scene)

Damon and Elena :)

47 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 3×19 – Elena Kisses Damon(Motel Scene)

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  2. Why Damon and Elena won’t work.

    Everything Stefan had, Damon needed to? have. If Damon could not get it then he would either eliminate or? hurt whatever Stefan loved. He has hurt Elena many times, when he first met her he did not show any interest in her, and only when his brother started dating her did Damon show interest. Damon, though stating he loves and is loyal to his brother, subconsciously has always resented Stefan for turning him into a vampire and has vowed to make Stefan suffer.

  3. Alizee – J’en Ai Marre (Soft Skin Club Mix) ~~~? get out your ear buds? type the word Repeat before dot com and listen to? bliss over & over

  4. when Elena and Damon are in bed,? and Damon takes her hand… you just see that Elena is so nervous ! and thus in love :)

  5. Tubers check it out For the new season from the French Quarters

    Vampire Diaries ‘Alizée’ The OooO Positive Vamp Mystery Babylon rides the Diaries? . song title – ‘Alizée? – Les Collines (Never Leave You) – The Teenagers Remix’

  6. is she siriusly was gonna have sex withe him on the first time they kissed withe stefan it took 10 episodse that is called true love?

  7. I haven’t read all the books, but I’ve read enough to know the show has gone in a completely different direction than the books. Klaus should be long dead by now, there is no Original family, Elena is blonde, blue eyed and doesn’t? get as far into her romance with Damon as the show has. It’s always Stefan for her. And Caroline’s like a stone cold bitch in the books.

  8. ohh..i hope so..becase i heard that in? the books elena end up with stefan and damon dies :'( i won’t be able to handle that :/

  9. Sorry but I don’t know how the books are gonna? end. I haven’t read them, but from? what I’ve heard, the? tv show has pretty much nothing to do with the books anyways.

  10. i just saw again this episode…and o my godd..i hate elena…after that when damon askes her what she is doing and she told him that stefan said they should go together to that trip top find out if she has feelings for damon..and then damon asked her if she had and she? said i don’t know…ohhh she is such a bitchh..she knew she hadd..and she hurt him..againn….:((

  11. In the books it was Stefan, but? for the Tv show no one is sure because the original author wanted Damon and Elena, but she was replaced.

  12. I think in my heart I’m a Stelena fan, but I LOVE this scene SO MUCH. Anyone know what? the music is playing at the beginining? It played when John died for Elena too.

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  14. New spoiler
    The vampire diaries 4th season finally will give you a breath-taking episode packed with action and an epic declaration of love…one of the character will follow a path that will leave? fans screaming at their screens.
    Don’t want to rush things but it has to be Delena… :)
    Can’t wait

  15. OMG i just saww that she took her humanity backk? but i cannot wait until the 5th delena seasonnnnnn

  16. after what?? have you read the books?? please? tell me with whom is she going to end up with?? and if they are going to be together just for a little..

  17. You know now that? I think about it… if I were Jeremy, and I was trying to act the way he was, I would probably burst out laughing or try to suppress it! XD

  18. On the Vampire Official on Facebook and I thought it was fake at first but I looked it up and it seems pretty official a lot of people are already talking about it on? Facebook :)

  19. elena portrays such freedom in this scene its so amazing,
    in the end if delena? doesnt happy, i really want to see damon find somoene.

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