Taylor Swift vs Lorde Feud? – Nina Dobrev QUITS The Vampire Diaries (DHR)

More Celebrity News ?? http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Are bffs Taylor Swift & Lorde fighting? Why is Nina Dobrev leaving The Vampire Diaries? All this & more on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown….

50 thoughts on “Taylor Swift vs Lorde Feud? – Nina Dobrev QUITS The Vampire Diaries (DHR)

  1. Even Nina herself got bored out of TVD I’m only watching for the sake of
    the years I spent watching it + PLL the same thing these two shows just UHH
    they were so good .?

  2. It’s my birthday this Sunday and the best present ever would be being
    mentioned as clevverette this Friday!!! ;)?

  3. is there going to be a fault in our stars 2 i know that this news came out
    on April 1 but no one said it was a joke.?

  4. Tbh I was getting sick of Elena on TVD so I’m not sad at all that she’s
    leaving but at the same time I’m now curious what the 7th season will be
    like without her…?

  5. im really mad that nina is leaving tvd but if they dont end the season with
    dalena i will be mad but the bright side is that the rest of the cast is
    signed on for season 7 nina had never signed on for sea 7 in fall of last
    year some people are saying thats its because [damon] is getting married
    and nina and him dated broke up ever thing got wired and stuff so thats the
    reasons i hared ps i know i spelled a lot of things wrong sorry but i think
    u can get a good idea what i mean theres some info for you guys ?

  6. Dont make fun of Iggy, you guys. She is just perfoming exorcism on people
    because the world seems to full of non-believers nowadays. XD?

  7. Spoiler alert (if you’re not up to episode 17 season 6)

    I’m pretty sure Elena/Nina be taking the cure… And I thought that the
    series would end when she leave ?????

  8. Bless and praise God, Allah, Krishna, or whoever you worship, because Elena
    Gilbert will finally die (not literally, but figuratively). And TVD has a
    7th season?! Go with peace Nina, rot in hell elena?

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  10. I’m like the biggest Vampire Diaries Fan but since season five they haven’t
    been doing too well, for my opinion. I think it’s really sad that Nina’s
    leaving (already knew that) though I don’t like her character Elena but I
    think they could also consider ending the show, it’s too long already. ?

  11. Whyyyy elena aka nina whhy I love u soo much I just started seeing the tv
    show im up to seson 2 and im not gonna end the tv show with u not there I
    going ro misss u sooo much?

  12. I FIGURED OUT WHAT IGGY IS SAYING!!! “White bitch you betta move, white
    bitch yo betta move on the wee, on top o da wee when I win I win & win ‘n’
    win, you betta let go o da sheets.”?

  13. i love clevver today my friend told me a big lie And didnt even say sorry
    erin and danielle made my day so much better u guys r the best ?

  14. :’)))) omg.. This is what I heard because really! Iggy Azalea was rapping

    “Watch from the right threw wipers go but a boo you when I win but have to
    move top when I win when I win wanna win I win no win I win Imma let go..”
    or something like that.. lol! and at the same time I was hearing
    watdjwnkhwd mkejwdj when I win I win I win I winnjwjwhswjoiwqndjjiowd

  15. Come on, she is acually leaving TVD? And they are going to film 7th season
    after she leaves?? I mean, I love all caracters, but without Elena it is
    just not it. I would love if they just end the show completly and I will
    love it to have some cool happy ending for Damon and Elena, Caroline and
    Stefan and I will love to see Bonnie and Kai getting together and she
    forgiving him. They should make a grand finale, and make it done. It would
    suck if Elena dies or something like that. They should really end it, I
    would be sad, but I would be more sad if she dies and they continue show
    without her.
    If they continue it, it better be good, it better be good.?

  16. Please read this! Instead of ootd what if you had tune Tuesday or
    something. The idea is to have a whole music section of the show. Maybe if
    you don’t want it to be one day have a section called music minute and
    possibly make it a speed round or something? I don’t know but I love the
    show and hope to get a shoutout!

    Xoxo love you Erin, Danielle, Miriam, and (OMG I CANT REMEMBER YOUR NAME!
    IM SO SORRY!) ?

  17. Ugh. Just end TVD already. First it was Steven then Nina and then Trevino.
    Maybe even Malarkey or Candice.. This show is gonna suck without Nina. The
    show mainly focused on her including on why Stefan came back to Mystic
    Falls. If the show ends it has to end with Nina.?

  18. I know what iggy was saying ok here it goes “weed
    ,weed,weed,weed,pee,pee,pee,pee yep that was the whole song?

  19. Dont really have any of those heartbreaking stories to tell. All i wanted
    to say that i luv how u guys tell the new. For me it seems like u r always
    honest, and you guys are for sure doing it good. A lot of good ladies doing
    what they should do. Keep going. ILYSM.

    BTW: Hope this is understandable :/ : ) <3?

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