Nina Dobrev Crying Goodbye to “The Vampire Diaries”

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Vampire Diaries?? More Celebrity News ?? Grab your tissues and have a seat because Nina…

51 thoughts on “Nina Dobrev Crying Goodbye to “The Vampire Diaries”

  1. I bet she dies in the end cause it seems like every time an actress leaves
    a show they end up killing her character.. like marissa cooper, alyson
    argent, etc etc etc?

  2. No no no Elena plz stay
    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? that’s my
    emotion right now?

  3. When season six started people were over elena and thought that she didn’t
    really do much on the show anymore, and now that she is leaving everyone is
    crying about it. But we’ll miss her. And i trust Julie Plec and the writers
    so i hope they make her exit good. I will still watch the show because i
    didn’t start watching it for nina only.?

  4. I just want to know her reason why she’s leaving. I wish she stayed cause
    no one can’t the place Elena Gilbert character ?

  5. I sooo hope they don’t kill her because many characters end up like this.
    Especially when the actor gets fired (like Charlie Sheen) or like in this
    case if she leaves by choice before her contract ends. For example Grey’s
    anatomy: Sandra Oh was offered to continue on season 11 but she didn’t want
    it and the writer just made her character leave the hospital so she can
    begin a new life. I hope Julie does the same and gives Elena a peaceful and
    happy ending with her being alive and not dead.?

  6. Tears, tears and more tears whyyy I don’t want you to go Nina!!!!! It won’t
    be the same with out youuuuu!!!!! :'((((((?

  7. I’m very sad for Nina Dobrev and I’m going to miss her on the vampire
    diaries after 6 year wow I am huge fan of Nina dobrev I been watching her
    show on the degrassi and I love it I wondering what going to happened on
    season 7 of the vampire without Elena and Nina Dobrev you’re a very talent
    young woman and beautiful I know it so hard for you to leave the show for 6
    years we love you ?????????

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? ITS FINALLY OVER WOOOOOOOOOOO

  9. I’m fine with Nina leaving, I get why she does it, but I have to say that
    the pictures of her and Paul and that with Candice and Kat was really

  10. Nina Dobrev is the epitome of a fulfilled life You are by far the greatest
    thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth..?

  11. Why did she have to leave I loved her on vampire diaries and very Saturday
    night I go in my room and watch it until the Sun rises y did she have to

  12. I am a massive fan of Stelena and delena but I’d acctually think it would
    acctually be appropriate for ether elena to ether be killed off or leve to
    go live in New orlense or elena takes the cure and some one killed her but
    then a wich puts her I to a diforent body my e mosh ons were litterly all
    over the place when I saw nina post on instagram announcing she’ll be
    leaving the vampire diarys

  13. This is so sad!! My family has been watching the TVD since day 1 and Nina
    leaving is just one step closer to the show being over.?

  14. I wanna what her last episode is gonna be. ALSO how the hell they are going
    to make another season without her lol It’s basically her show!?

  15. I’m so scared of what will happen to TVD without our girl Elena? Of course
    I respect her decision but I do think it had something to do with
    Ian&Nikki, not completely because I totally support their relationship but
    I think a lot of things built up to Nina’s decision and that could’ve been
    the deal breaker maybe? Considering Nina and Ian where so close after their
    official breakup, the PCAs for example, something is definitely off because
    there aren’t any selfies of them together like there used to be. I know Ian
    will probably post his I a couple of days but still? So sad Nina is leaving
    but I know she has her reasons. I don’t know whether I’d prefer them to
    kill her off because it could be a real farewell and she deserves as much
    of a dramatic ending because we love her so much but then if they kill her
    off, she could never come back!??

  16. I’m so heartbroken I don’t know what their going to do god I’m like crying
    so sad right now ?????????????????

  17. This is such a let down too the fans that have stayed with them for 6
    years. Since the beginning we looked forward too a happy ending with Nina,
    Ian and Paul. I don’t think I will watch season 7. ?????

  18. i don’t think elena will die or anything i think she will take the cure .
    Bonnie bought Damon the cure and maybe he will give it to elena so she can
    have a normal human life . just my though and so sad shes leaving like
    whats tvd without her ????

  19. What about Tyler and Jeremy!? I know they don’t have as big of a part as
    Elena , but there still mains too, and it not going to be the same without
    any of them?????

  20. I’ve been thinking of how they are going to cut off Elena. I think that
    something bad is going to happen, and Damon is going to give the cure to
    Elena and they might compel her to go away or something like that, what do
    you think??????

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