Game Of Thrones Season 5 Viral Trailer Breakdown

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Viral Trailer Breakdown. Arya Stark, Three Eyed Raven info, Braavos Faceless Men, The House of Black and White and Telltale ? Game…

743 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Season 5 Viral Trailer Breakdown

  1. Here’s my Breakdown of the *Game of Thrones Season 5 Viral Trailer* + Round
    1 of Telltale Giveaway. All men must die but Arya Stark is no man…

    Season 5 Trailer ?

    #gameofthrones #gotseason5 #aryastark #maisiewilliams #telltalegames
    #got #asoiaf #facelessmen #braavos #georgerrmartin
    #gameofthroneseason5 #valarmorghulis ?

  2. (spoilers)

    I’m really interested how deep will the show go into explaining the
    face-changing of the Faceless men. I do think that there are different
    layers to this ‘magic’ – the lowest one being the face-off replacement
    being attached to the person (like Arya gets), the more advanced then being
    Jaqen H’ghar level, where he can change his face on the fly, and the most
    advanced – the Kindly man level, where he could take on the face of death
    with maggots crawling in his eye sockets, though that might be more closer
    to glamours…?

  3. I’ve been dying to see everything Arya is going to do since the end of the
    season. I hope that jaqen h’gha does come back and there’s scenes with him
    and Arya. Just like him taking her under his wing as a protege.?

  4. That scene where Arya is wrapping her hand around the sword is from this
    past season. It was the scene with her and The Hound at the Inn wheres she
    gets to use Needle again.?

  5. Great video. That hilt Arya was holding was in season 4 where her and the
    hound faced off with the kings guards men in the inn. It’s also the place
    where Aryan got needle back and a pony and, the Hound got his chickens.
    Lol! ?

  6. Just to be a told nerd here but there is not such sword really called a
    ‘broadsword’. That is more a of a video game name. The sword is more of a
    long sword or hand and a half(bastard sword). Just had to say it.?

  7. do you think they will be bringing Sam Tarly and Tyrion to braavos in S5? I
    hope we will see more Tyrion in volantis to make up for taking away
    Griff/young griff.
    oh yeah on that note pls make a free cities video, they have to be my fave
    locations from ASOIAF, that would be soooo cool.?

  8. I have a feeling that Arya will go on a Kill Bill journey of revenge
    against everyone on her list and I also think she will be the one to kill
    Walder Frey and all of his sons. She is going to paint Westeros red with
    blood. She is a serial killer in training. ?

  9. i have been hooked on your videos since a few days ago when i was looking
    up star wars stuff, now ive watched heaps of your game of thrones, dc,
    marvel and walking dead videos and have loved them and found the
    information and theories very interesting ?

  10. Aria grabbed that blade when her and the Hound were first approached by
    (forgot his name) the guy who took Needle. She reached back and started to
    grab the Hound’s sword.?

  11. is that her picking up the big sword? i know there only ten seconds and its
    all about her but as you say that sword is way to big ?

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